Here’s What To Expect In Liu Shishi And Shawn Dou’s Upcoming Historical Drama “Kill My Sins”

Liu Shishi and Shawn Dou in a thrilling revenge mystery? Now that’s a team-up I never expected! But once the news came out about their pairing in this project, I was like, wow, Perfect Match! Youku’s upcoming historical drama ‘Kill My Sins (掌心)’ has officially started filming and they’ve announced Cecilia Liu aka Liu Shishi and Shawn Dou as the lead actors.

The drama will mainly focus on the female protagonist Ye Ping An (played by Liu Shishi)’s road to vengeance and the male protagonist, Yuan Shao Cheng (played by Shawn Dou) ambitious climb to power.

After more than six years of hiatus in costume dramas, Liu has been actively busy filming since her successful return with ‘A Journey To Love’ in 2023. She recently completed filming a costume fantasy drama ‘Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Love In Pavillion. So, ‘Kill My Sins’ marks her 3rd project after her glorious comeback in the industry.

Meanwhile, Shawn Dou’s performance as Prince Yan Xun in Princess Agents is still very vivid in countless viewers’ minds. Dou has appeared in a handful of dramas in the leading roles in recent years but none of them have been as explosive as Princess Agents.

With this powerful duo, many netizens believe ‘Kill My Sins’ is ready to make another big splash. So, Are you curious about what is this drama about? If Yes Keep reading.

Kill My Sins – Plot Introduction, Release Date & Cast

  • Episodes: 30
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Historical
  • Starring: Liu Shishi, Shawn Dou
  • Director: Bai Shan
  • Original Platform: Youku, CCTV
  • Filming Period: March 4, 2024 – June 18, 2024
  • Release Date: 2025

Plot Summary: Gu Qing (portrayed by Liu Shishi) is an extraordinarily talented young girl from a medical family. She possesses a unique power: the ability to control people’s minds (…this sounds quite interesting, isn’t it?). However, a dark twist in her childhood leads to the manipulation of her abilities for a nefarious purpose by some cunning & despicable individuals. And, this results in the destruction of her family including other innocent people’s lives.

Somehow, Gu Qing escapes this catastrophe and survives. Eighteen years later, Gu Qing changed her name to Ye Pingan and returned to the capital to open a medical clinic. On the surface, she’s a medical physician, who treats patients but in reality, she starts to set traps and vows to seek justice for what happened back then.

Will Ye Pingan, disguised as a skilled doctor, overcome the dangers of the capital to avenge her past, or will the darkness she seeks to fight swallow her?

Ye Ping An is somehow similar to Ren Ruyi from “A Journey To Love”

Drama 'Kill My Sins' Liu Shishi
Liu Shishi as Ye Ping An

Just like Ren Ruyi, Ye Ping An is elegant, deadly, and ruthless. Both women share hidden identities and a burning desire for revenge. But, compared to Ren Ruyi, Ye Pingan’s actions may be seen as more unforgivable. Even if she wasn’t directly responsible, her abilities were used to commit these acts. This burden of guilt fuels her desire for redemption, as hinted by the title, ‘Kill My Sins.’ Ye Pingan’s journey will be one of atonement.

Well, if you haven’t watched Liu Shishi’s ‘A Journey To Love’ yet, then I highly recommend you check it out. You’ll meet Liu Shishi as a highly skilled assassin Ren Xin/Ren Ruyi there.

Set In The Tang Dynasty

‘Kill My Sins’ is set in the Tang Dynasty (Golden period or age of China), a period best known for its emphasis on women’s empowerment.

While the drama might not be a straightforward story about women’s empowerment, Ye Pingan’s character development within the context of the Tang Dynasty could still resonate with viewers looking for a strong female lead and a story that challenges expectations.

Drama 'Kill My Sins' Liu Shishi
Liu Shishi & Shawn Dou

In the newly released Reuters from behind the scenes, Liu Shishi appears in a simple and plain costume. Though her outfit including hairstyle and makeup is simple, as a medical practitioner it perfectly matches with the identity of Ye Ping An. On the other hand, Shawn Dou in court official costume gives us the vibe of Yan Xun from Princess Agents once again.

Supporting Cast

In addition to the leading actors; the supporting cast in this series are all familiar faces.

Drama 'Kill My Sins' Liu Shishi, Shawn Dou

Zheng Yecheng, known for his roles in dramas like ‘My Sassy Princess (2022), and ‘Love under The Full Moon’, joins the cast. Alongside Zheng Yecheng, Xuan Lu, who rose to fame with her heartwarming role in ‘The Untamed (2019) will also be part of this series, including other actors like Xu Jiao, Huang Hai Bing, and more.

Reportedly, Zhang Yuxi will also appear in a guest role in the series.


  • Main Characters

Ye Ping An

Ye Ping An is a compassionate woman but at the same time, she’s cautious and vigilant because she was once manipulated and used by people. Along with being a good strategist, and a formidable fighter, she’s a highly skilled physician. To avenge her family and serve justice to the victims, she’ll fight with all her might to punish the evil.

We’ve always seen Liu Shishi as a strong warrior, and martial arts goddess. This is gonna be like another extra bonus role for fans who especially love her action roles.

Yuan Shao Cheng

Yuan Shao Cheng (portrayed by Shawn Dou) is a young magistrate. Despite being talented, he is often mocked and looked down upon by the court officials because of his low birth. So, to end this mistreatment, he steadily starts to make plans and execute them. Yuan Shao Cheng is determined to rise to a higher position and gain power. For this, he is ready to do anything. During this process, he struck up an agreement with his senior officials: their support for his promotion in exchange for the death of Ye Ping An.

So, this time, we’ll be Shawn Dou as the power hunger magistrate. Will he really Kill Ye Ping An as per their plan? or something unexpected is coming their way? What Do you think? To know the answer, we’ll have to wait a bit longer!

Directed By Bai Shan

Director Bai Shan excels in genres like suspense, mystery, horror, wuxia, and war. Some of his beloved works include; Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty (2022), Yangko Dance (2015), etc. ‘Kill My Sins’ is adding another project under his belt in a similar genre.


‘Kill My Sins offers a strong female lead character with a unique ability. The male and female protagonists, both are complex characters with potentially conflicting goals. So, if you are someone who’s into this kind of genre, then don’t forget to add it to your watch list for 2025.

As the drama is still filming, it is expected to be released in 2025 on Youku and CCTV.

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