Snowy Night Timeless Love: A Sweeping Wuxia Romance Adventure

Snowy Night Timeless Love 七夜雪 is an upcoming adventure romance wuxia drama adapted from the classic martial arts novel “Seven Nights Snow” (七夜雪) by Cang Yue (沧月). It stars Li Qin (李沁) and Zeng Shunxi (曾舜晞) aka Joseph Zeng in the leading roles.

The drama tells the story of two star-crossed lovers, swordsman Huo Zhan Bai (portrayed by Zeng Shunxi) and the Master of the Medicine Valley, Xue Zi Ye (portrayed by Li Qin).

Apart from the two main leads, the series stars familiar faces like Wang Hong Yi, Edward Chen, Jenny Zeng, Kim Jin and more.

Snowy Night Timeless Love – Plot Introduction

  • Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Wuxia, Romance, Drama
  • Starring: Li Qin, Zeng Shunxi
  • Director: Leung Sing Kuen, Ren Hai Tao
  • Original Platform: iQIYI
  • Filming Period: November 21, 2023 – February 4, 2024

Plot Summary: Huo Zhan Bai (Zeng Shunxi), is an exceptional swordsman and is one of the Eight Swords of Dingjiange from the Tianshan sect. One day, he ventures out in search of medicine to save the son of his friend and meets the master of the medicine valley, Xue Zi Ye (Li Qin), the youngest heir in history and a doctor with excellent medical skills.

Even though they suspect and compete with each other in the beginning, both secretly fall in love after various ups and downs. However, due to differences in status and responsibilities they carry, they cannot express their love. In the end, they decide to pursue separate paths and confront their destinies.


Snowy Night Timeless Love not only offers sweet yet heartbreaking love but also thrilling adventures. The two protagonists Xue Zi Ye and Huo Zhan Bai go from fitting against each other to becoming close friends and then strangers again. Will Huo Zhan Bai and Xue Zi Ye ever reconcile? What fate awaits these two lovers? We’ve yet to see.

Characters Introduction

Xue Zi Ye

Snowy Night Timeless Love
Li Qin as Xue Zi Ye

Originally, she was the daughter of the powerful Xue family in Chang’an. But, after the family was framed, they were exiled. Afterward, she was rescued by Liao Qing Ran. Xue Zi Ye becomes her disciple and learns medicine. Later, she becomes the Master of the valley.

Huo Zhan Bai

Snowy Night Timeless Love
Zeng Shunxi as Huo Zhan Bai

Huo Zhan Bai is a chivalrous, passionate, and romantic hero.

Production Details

Snowy Night Timeless Love
Zeng Shunxi & Li Qin

According to insiders, the production team not only looked into the actors’ acting skills and popularity but also how well they fit the character’s descriptions (…they wanted the best candidate for each character and put a lot of effort into it).

Directors Ren Haitao and Liang Shengquan are both experienced in costume drama directors. Art director Chen Haozhong and styling director Zhang Shijie are likewise industry veterans. A professional team is also behind the music soundtrack.

Snowy Night Timeless Love
Wang Hongyi as Miao Feng, practicing with his mentors in Xinjiang

The interesting part is most of the scenes in the drama were shot in real locations like freezing mountainous regions of Xin Jiang. Just as they said before, they have strived to present the world just like depicted in the novel in live action too. So that audiences can see/feel connected to the unique martial arts & each character’s emotions.

Judging from the trailer & newly released stills, they indeed didn’t go back on their word. Like, did you notice in the trailer above how aesthetically choreographed each dance-like snowy fighting scene set against a backdrop of majestic mountains and glaciers? It’s simply breathtaking, isn’t it? Honestly, Costume C-Dramas never disappoint their viewers in this aspect. It is quite an undeniable fact that their cinematography is simply astounding.

Additionally, the director is quite confident that with the whole crew working hard, they can create a martial arts romance that truly stands out. Now, whether it actually becomes a classic or not, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see. Judging from the trailer and storyline, the drama is indeed promising.

Since its launch, Snowy Night Timeless Love has become one of the highly anticipated dramas to be released in the upcoming list. So, Are you looking forward to this drama?

Li Qin & Zeng Shunxi Onscreen Chemistry

Snowy Night Timeless Love

From the trailer & stills released so far, the onscreen chemistry of Li Qin and Zeng Shunxi shows strong onscreen chemistry.  From their sweet heart-flattering interaction to their tragic separation, every scene promises to be visually engaging. After breathtaking fighting scenes, this pair and their story are what I’m mostly looking forward to.

Rising to fame right after debuting in TV series ‘The Dream of Red Mansions (2010)’, Li Qin has starred in successful and popular dramas over the decade like The Watchful Sky (2012), Shining Days (2013), Return of an Heiress (2013) If I Love You (2014), White Deer Plain(2017), Princess Agents (2017), Joy Of Life (2019) The Song Of Glory (2020) and more.

On the other hand, As a rising star, Zeng Shunxi is on his way to making a mark in the industry. In recent years, he has starred in a handful of dramas like Mysterious Lotus Casebook, Hi Venus, Romance On The Farm, Ultimate Note, etc., and all of them turned out to be quite successful.

When Will the Chinese Drama ‘Snowy Night Times Love’ Be Released?

Drama ‘Snowy Night Timeless Love ‘ filming ended on February 4, 2024. It’s expected to premiere in 2025, though a late 2024 release is also a possibility. The drama will air on CCTV and iQIYI.

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