A Dream Within A Dream: Everything We Know About Liu Yuning And Li Yitong’s New Chinese Drama

Produced by Linmon Media and co-produced by iQIYI, A Dream Within A Dream (书卷一梦) is an upcoming Chinese historical fantasy drama directed by Guo Hu. It stars Li Yitong and Liu Yuning in the lead roles. Apart from the two main leads, the series features well-known faces in the industry like Zhu Xudan, Riley Wang, Wang You Shuo, Wang Chengsi and more.

This is another rom-com historical drama with some fantasy elements. While most of the C-Dramas are adapted from the novels or Manhua, A Dream Within A Dream is an exception. Like last year’s costume drama A Journey To Love, it is an original script.

So What is this drama about?

Chinese Drama A Dream Within A Dream
Li Yitong as Song Xiao Yu/Song Meng Yi and Liu Yuning as Nan Heng

A Dream Within A Dream – Plot Introduction

  • Episodes: 38
  • Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy
  • Starring: Li Yitong, Liu Yuning
  • Director: Guo Hu
  • Screenwriter: Ren Zhuang Liu
  • Original Platform: iQIYI
  • Filming Period: On May 3, 2024 – currently filming

Synopsis: Song Xiao Yu (played by Li Yitong), a struggling actress in her career suddenly finds herself trapped in a scripted world as Song Yi Meng. There, she encounters the villainous Nan Heng (portrayed by Liu Yuning).

In the original script, Song Yi Meng was abused to death. No matter how hard Song Yi Meng tries to run away, she is always thrown back into the predetermined plot. Song Xiao Yu is left with no choice but to confront the cruel Nan Heng.

Imagine a world where various characters are present but their fate is already decided somewhere by someone. You must have heard that our world is a stage and we all are playing our own characters here.

Just like this, A Dream Within A Dream explores the scripted world where destiny is already decided for each individual.

But people inside are simply bored or exhausted from their daily monotonous lives. Some are trapped inside the palace, some are fighting for power, and some yearn for peace and freedom. But, their ability to achieve their dreams or wishes is limited.

So, the drama is like Song Xiao Yu will be fighting against Nan Heng to escape her dreadful fate. Just like Song Xiao Yu, each character in the script will have to fight and find their way out.


So, A Dream Within a Dream is expected to be a kind of series that will resonate with the viewers. It is like fighting against one’s destiny to pursue what one desires. It also raises some curiosity like will Song Xiao Yu be able to return to her world? Is there any hidden or untold story behind Nan Heng? Why does the female character Song Xiao Yu have to pull into the plot with Nan Heng even if she tried to get away? Will Song Xiao Yu be able to break free from that hellish world? Well, there are many questions but for an answer, we’ll have to wait until the drama gets released.

Since A Dream Within a Dream is a rom-com, the relationship dynamics of Li Yitong and Liu Yuning’s onscreen chemistry are likely to develop from a hate-love relationship. From the new stills released both actors look good in their costumes and promise an engaging chemistry.

Other Dramas with Similar Concept

Settings like hero or heroine entering into the scripted world, gaming system, reborn in another world, transmigration, or time travel are nothing new in the Chinese Dramas landscape. Whether it’s set in the modern or historical. Similar Popular Dramas previously produced, where one of the protagonists ends up in the scripted world, are Romance Of Tiger and Rose (2020), Unique Lady (2019) My Heroic Husband (2021), Joy Of Life Season 1 & Season 2, An Ancient Love Song (2023), Story Of Kunning Palace (2023), etc.

Despite being not a new genre, viewers still can’t help but get excited once they hear that the new drama is coming in a similar genre. Why? Because it’s always intriguing and exciting. One cannot help but think about those fantasy worlds.

So, what’s new to expect in ‘A Dream Within A Dream’?

Considering that there are already so many dramas in the particular genre, how ‘A Dream Within A Dream’ will captivate their audiences is yet to be seen. Judging from the plotline, a heroine ending up in a book world and having to deal with an opposite character is really not new, but as per said in the synopsis, if the production team not only focuses on the main protagonist but all the key characters in the drama and their battle with their already decided premise, the drama is expected to be exciting. This will also set drama somehow different from the already existing ones in similar genres.

Additionally, since we have no idea how the script is designed, if there’s a new element and a unique story then it might set this drama apart from the rest.

Production Details

Director Guo Hu’s major hits include Mysterious Lotus Casebook (2023), Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom (2017), Love And Destiny (2019), The Journey Of Flower (2015), and more. Hu is recognized for his craftsmanship and his ability to bring out the best in costume dramas (especially Wuxia and Xianxia genres). Given his track record of successful shows, ‘A Dream within a Dream’ is expected to be another promising project.

Meanwhile, the screenwriter Ren Zhuang Liu is relatively new and is on the way to making a mark. The writer’s first project as a screenwriter was last year’s drama ‘Story Of Kunning Palace’ which gave satisfying results. While ‘A Dream Within A Dream’ marks the second project in the writer’s list, it is yet to be seen what kind of work will he bring to the table this time.

When Will “A Dream Within A Dream” Be Released?

“A Dream Within A Dream (书卷一梦)” Chinese Drama started filming on May 3, 2024. Given the typical timeframe for filming, pre-production, and obtaining a distribution license, it’s likely to premiere sometime next year in 2025.

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