“Joy of Life Season 2” Arrives in May with Returning Cast and Iconic Scenes

Fans rejoice! After a nearly five-year wait, the highly anticipated season 2 of Joy of Life, the second-highest-rated historical C-drama ever, announces its premiere on May 16th!

Joy Of Life Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Joy Of Life was released in 2019.

Based on the web novel “Qing Yu Nian” (庆余年) by Mao Ni (猫腻) is a series about a young man who is born in the ancient empire of Southern Qing with memories of the 21st century.

In addition to director Sun Hao from the first season, Season 2 will boast the return of the main leads including Zhang Ruoyun as Fan Xian, Li Qin as Lin Wan’er, Wu Gang as Chen Pingping, and Chen Dao Ming as Emperor Qing.

Actors Guo Qilin, Tian Yu, Li Xiaoran, Song Yi, Xin Zhilei, Gao Shuguang, Li Qiang, Yu Yang, Liu Duanduan, Zhang Haowei, and Tong Mengshi are also set to join the cast for the new season.

For season 2, Wu Xing Jian takes over the role of Yan Bingyun, previously played by Xiao Zhan in a smaller but pivotal part towards the end of Season 1. Similarly, Gina Jin/Jin Chen replaces Han Jiu Nuo as Ye Ling Er.

What To Expect in Season 2 Of “Joy Of Life”?

“Joy of Life” is adapted from the novel of the same name, and tells the story of Fan Xian, a mysterious young man who goes through various tests and trials in his life. In the first season, Fan Xian went from his hometown Dan Zhou to the capital, entered the court, and then represented Southern Qing to Bei Qi.

“Joy of Life 2” continues the plot of the first season, starting with Fan Xian’s return from Bei Qi. Screenwriter Wang Juan revealed that the second season presents many “iconic scenes” from the original novel, including conflicts in the court, surgical scenes, and Fan Xian’s wedding to Lin Wan’er (played by Li Qin).

Thematic clashes between modern and historical ideas will ignite a game of wits and head on confrontations, building suspense throughout.

The director Su Hao said that compared with the first season, the characters in “Joy of Life 2” have grown up and the actors have also improved.

Screenwriter Jokingly said, “No More Five-Year Wait For Season 3!”

Joy Of Life Season 2 Cast for Press Conference
Zhang Ruoyun, Li Qin, Guo Qi Lin (Fan Shi Ze, Fan Xian brother in the play) for a press conference in Chongqing

On May 6th, the series advance screening was held in Beijing and Chongqing. During the event, Zhang Ruoyun shared that he encountered many difficulties while filming the second season of Joy Of Life. He humorously said there wasn’t a hurdle Fan Xian couldn’t clear. No matter what life threw at him, he just dusted himself off, learned what he could, and kept moving. Every challenge was a stepping stone, a chance to grow stronger, and smarter. That’s the kind of guy he is.

In addition to Fan Xian’s own growth, Zhang Ruoyun shared that he also learned many things from his interactions and observations with other characters such as Emperor Qing (Chen Daoming) and the Prime Minister (Yu Hewei). He believes that he grew as an actor alongside Fan Xian during the filming process.

Li Qin also said that the director was a real stickler for detail on set. Apparently, one scene between the Chancellor (Lin Waner’s father) and Da Bao took like, a whole day to film. And, it was filmed on scorching hot about 40 degrees Celsius.  

Director Sun Hao and screenwriter Wang Juan revealed in an interview “Joy of Life 2” deeply explores the intricate side of each character, and the protagonist Fan Xian (played by Zhang Ruo Yun) finds his inner heart and the path he really wants to take.

Screenwriter Wang Juan remarked, “In the first season, Fan Xian was a chess piece, and in the second season, he ultimately became a chess player and began to play this game. He gradually understands the truth of that world, the so-called ‘chess player’ strategies, and the dilemma about whether he should go with it or disobey it. It’ll be a process of self-awakening and searching for the true self. In the face of these major choices, we can see another side of the character. “

He further added, that season 2 will not only retain the unique qualities of season 1 but will also add new elements to the story. It took about three years to write the screenplay. Wang Juan jokingly mentioned that he lost weight due to the workload and expressed that the audience won’t have to wait another five years for “Joy of Life 3” (庆余年3).

Joy Of Life Season 1, Second Highest Rated Costume Drama in History

Joy Of Life Season 1 which premiered back in 2019 is the second-highest-rated costume drama in C-Drama history. It has been rated by over 1.05 million users with a score of 7.9 on Douban.

Due to the show’s critical and viewer acclaim, anticipation for its second season is strong. Tencent Video reports that reservations for the show have already surpassed 18 million, making it the first TV series in the platform’s history to achieve such a high number.

Joy of Life 2 spans 36 episodes and blends historical, fantasy, comedy, romance, and wuxia genres. If you’re new to the series, be sure to watch season 1 first before diving into season 2.

When Will ‘Joy Of Life Season 2’ Be Released?

Joy Of Life Season 2 is confirmed to be released on May 16. The drama will be available on CCTV8 in a prime time slot and streamed online on Tencent Video, We TV App, & Disney Hotstar+.

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