Xianxia Romance Drama “Love Of The Divine Tree”

iQIYI’s production “Love Of The Divine Tree 仙台有树” stars Deng Wei (邓为) and Xiang Han Zhi (向涵之) in the lead roles. This is a 40-episode upcoming costume fantasy drama directed by Yin Tao and is based on the web novel “Xian Tai You Shu” (仙台有树) by Kuang Shang Jia Kuang (狂上加狂).

In addition to the main leads, the supporting cast includes actors like Chen Xin Hai, Zhang Wei Na, Deng Kai, Cao Yu Chen, Ai Mi, and more.

Love Of The Divine Tree
Love Of The Divine Tree

Love Of The Divine Tree – Plot Introduction, Release Date & Where To Watch

  • Episodes: 40
  • Genre: Fantasy, Romance
  • Starring: Deng Wei, Xiang Han Zhi
  • Platform: iQIYI
  • Director: Yin Tao
  • Screenwriter: Liu Fang
  • Filming Period: October 12, 2023 – February 19, 2024
  • Release Date: 2025

Plot Summary: Su Yi Shui (portrayed by Deng Wei) is a powerful immortal cultivator. Twenty years ago, he was a disciple of Mu Qing Ge (portrayed by Xiang Han Zhi). However, Mu Qing Ge sacrificed her Golden core (cultivation) to seal Ling Quan (a kind of evil spirit) on her disciple’s body, Su Yi Shui, to save the world from demonic chaos. Misunderstood by the world, she was labeled a demonic leader, prompting four major sects to join forces and take her down.

Before Mu Qing Ge passed away, Su Yi Shui learned this devastating truth. He desperately tried everything to save her at the time. But everything was in vain. At last, he eventually, discovered a divine reincarnation tree and used half of his cultivation to help Mu Qing Ge to be reborn.

Twenty years later, Mu Qing Ge was reborn as a frail and weak girl named Xue Ran Ran. In order to protect and guard her, she is taken by Su Yi Shui as his disciple. (….master-disciple role is reversed here)

The Ling Quan seal starts getting weaker as time passes by. The demonic cultivator tries to take advantage of it & harm the living lives. To stop it, Su Yi Shui tries to seal the Ling Quan again in the ghost realm but just like his master, he is framed and ends up losing his memory.

No matter how many times, they’re separated, each time they meet, Su Yi Shui and Mu Qing Ge fall in love with each other, even if they don’t remember each other or don’t have past life recollections. (hmm…Isn’t that beautiful as well as interesting? )

Master-Desciple relationship

From the synopsis above, it’s quite clear the drama centers around a master and apprentice relationship and their arduous journey to save the common people. The interesting part, however, is the initial master-disciple dynamic being reversed after Mu Qing Ge’s reincarnation.

Looking at the plot, I have to say I’m not so overly optimistic. The recent oversaturation of master-disciple dramas like The Journey Of Chong Zi (2023) and The Longest Promise (2023); which underperformed below expectations makes me a little hesitant (Keeping my expectations low for now, but here’s hoping I’m wrong). And it somehow suggests that viewers might be tired of the particular trope. Notably, the last successful drama in this vein was “The Journey of Flower” back in 2015.

However, the proven track record of the well-known director Yin Tao and screenwriter Liu Fang offers a reason for optimism. Their previous collaborations on historical dramas such as Glory of Tang Dynasty (2017), The Promise of Chang’an (2020), and Love And Redemption (2020) were all well-received.

Beyond their collaborations, Yin Tao is also known for popular productions like Ancient Love Poetry (2021), Who Rules The World (2022), The Blood of Youth (2023), Destined (2023), and many more.

Screenwriter Liu Fang also had a major hit last year with The Mysterious Lotus Casebook.

Most of Yin Tao and Liu Fang’s projects have been commercially successful or critically acclaimed. It remains to be seen what Love Of The Divine Tree will bring to the table.


  • Main Characters

Deng Wei as Su Yi Shui

Love Of The Divine Tree
Deng Wei as Su Yi Shui in Love Of The Divine Tree

Su Yi Shui is the illegitimate son of a noble family (…he is cold, handsome, and ruthless.). Because of his background, he is ridiculed by almost everyone. That’s why his ambition is to win the throne and the world. Unexpectedly, One day, Mu Qing Ge took him as her disciple.

Until Mu Qing Ge’s death, Su Yi Shui had always misunderstood and disliked Mu Qing Ge. The truth was eventually revealed that his master sacrificed everything to protect and guard him. This revelation plunged him into grief and sadness. After overcoming countless dangers he successfully brings Mu Qing Ge to life again and vows to protect her with all his might.

After appearing in several supporting roles, Deng Wei’s breakout performance as a charming boyfriend in “Lost You Forever” (2023) propelled him into the spotlight. Love of the Divine Tree marks a pivotal point in his career, as it’s his first leading male role. This signifies a significant step up from his previous supporting characters.

Xiang Han Zhi as Xue Ran Ran/ Mu Qing Ge

Xiang Han Zhi, Love Of The Divine Tree
Xiang Han Zhi in Love Of The Divine Tree

Mu Qing Ge is the leader of one of the prominent Xishan sects. Unlike her disciple Su Yi Shui who is indifferent, she’s cheerful, lively, and playful. Her common dream or goal has always been to save common people and the world. Whether She is Xue Ran Ran or Mu Qing Ge, to achieve this dream of her, she’ll always fight her best.

Xiang Han Zhi, known for her roles in dramas like Forever Love (2020) and Ripe Town (2023), also finds new ground in “Love of the Divine Tree.” Similar to Deng Wei, this project offers her a chance to showcase her acting range and solidify her position in the industry.

Deng Wei and Xiang Han Zhi’s Chemistry

Both Deng Wei and Xiang Han Zhi are talented and attractive actors. With their individual strengths and this fresh pairing, they have the potential to create great on-screen chemistry in “Love of the Divine Tree.

Initially, audiences were skeptical regarding Xiang Han Zhi’s acting ability and her chemistry with Deng Wei. But after watching the Behind the Scenes Video of filming released by iQIYI at the 2024 World Conference, somehow viewers’ doubt seems to subside, and they’re eagerly looking forward to their performances.

Love Of The Divine Tree Release Date

It was announced at the 2024 iQIYI World Conference that ‘Love Of The Divine Tree’ is scheduled to premiere in the first Quarter of 2025.

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