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Dramadazz.com is a space to share the latest updates, insights, and discussions on everything you love about Asian Dramas.

Here you’ll get the latest news, gossip (the good kind!), and insights on your favorite Chinese Dramas aka C-Dramas. We’ll be deep-diving into drama reviews, character analysis, cultural explanations, and industry trends.

Why C-Dramas?

The first reason is that Chinese TV series is one of the most popular in Asia. C-Dramas are known for their high production value, featuring stunning visuals, elaborate sets and costumes, and talented actors.

While Chinese Dramas (C-Dramas) aren’t quite as widespread yet, they’re steadily gaining a foothold in the global market. C-Dramas are especially known for their beautiful historical/period pieces, transporting viewers to ancient China with intricate costumes and set designs. Even though most Chinese shows face censorship restrictions, limiting their availability compared to K-Dramas, C-Dramas are still recognized for their high-quality production. This is evident in their historical dramas, which are among the most popular C-dramas.

Interestingly, there are 16 major studios in China where many movies and TV series are filmed. One Prime example is Hengdian World Studio, the world’s largest film and TV-based studio. About 70% of the projects are filmed in this studio.

Apart from studios, it has over 30 major distribution companies. Like China Film Group Corporation (CFGC), Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Wanda Film Group and more.

Main Categories on this blog;

C-Drama Reviews– this is where I’ll be sharing my reviews on a certain drama or movie that I have watched. As of now, I have been reviewing C-Dramas, and Movies, in the upcoming days, you can see reviews from other Asian Dramas like K-Drama, Taiwanese, and Japanese as well. I may try reviewing some Thai Dramas as well.

C-Drama Updates: This is where you can find the updates about upcoming, ongoing, casting, announcements, and recommendations of C-Dramas, and more.

Dramadazz values credibility above all else. I strive to gather information from official sources, news outlets, and industry professionals, avoiding unreliable channels like “melon” accounts. Dramadazz is a place where fans can find accurate, well-researched, and engaging content about the shows and stars.

Our sources: Baidu, Weibo, Sohu, Sina Entertainment & more.

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