About Na Na

Hi! I am Na Na the creator of Dramadazz. I am someone who loves writing and an avid C-Drama lover.

You know that feeling when you just gotta talk about something you love? That’s totally me when it comes to Chinese Dramas! I fell down the rabbit hole in 2016 (almost seven years ago!) and haven’t looked back since. I’m completely obsessed with the stories, the characters, the entire worlds they create. Since then, I’ve watched dramas from all over Asia, from K-dramas to C-dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, and more. But if I had to pick favorites, C-dramas, including K-dramas hold a special place in my heart.

I simply started writing about dramas and reviews on various platforms like Facebook, and Reddit. But it was not until, 2023, that I decided to launch my own site, Dramadazz where I can post my thoughts and opinions including recent updates about the entertainment world.

I enjoy all kinds of dramas, but there’s something about a good thriller or mystery that gets my heart racing and keeps me glued to my seat. On the C-drama side, I’m a sucker for historical and costume dramas. The unique culture, the beautiful costumes, the wuxia, and the fantasy elements – it all just draws me in. Of course, all the reviews and recommendations you’ll find here are just my own personal opinions.

Here are some of my favorite Dramas:

C-Dramas List: Joy Of Life, The Untamed (陈情令), Ten Miles Of Peach Blossom (三生三世十里桃花), Longest Day In Chang An (长安十二时辰), The Bad Kids (隐秘的角落), Mysterious Lotus Casebook (莲花楼), Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜), Reset (开端) and more.

Actually, the list could go on forever, but let’s not overwhelm everyone. You know how C-Drama fans are with their amazing (and ever-growing) watch lists!

Lastly, If anyone is wondering, I’m not Chinese. Though I have learned a few Chinese words or sentences in recent years while watching C-Dramas, subtitles are still my best friend. So, My target is to be fluent in Chinese one day, so I won’t need a sub.

Feel free to share your thoughts and C-Drama journey in the comment section.