14 Most Popular “Costume Chinese Dramas” of 2023

Over the past few years, Chinese Dramas have been steadily expanding their territory in the global market with their excellent work.

From 2017’s hit fantasy epic, ‘Eternal Love’ a commercially successful series with over whooping 50 billion views on its streaming platforms, to 2019’s smash hit series ‘The Untamed’, one of the high-rated C-Dramas of all time with 1.7 million ratings, costume Dramas have never failed to mesmerize their audiences each time with their high-quality work and outstanding performances.


This year, the dark-themed, heavy plot drama with a complex and intense plot, filled with unexpected twists and turns, kept viewers on the edge of their seats, making it impossible to predict what would happen next, in Esther Yu’s ‘My Journey To You‘, to swoon-worthy hit fantasy romances like Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu’s ‘Till The End Of The Moon’, Li Landi and Chen Xingxu’s ‘The Starry Love’, and  Xiao Zhan’s ‘ The Longest Promise’ keep viewers hooked with their terrific chemistry between the leads and jaw-dropping visuals.

Meanwhile, according to Weibo, two certified blockbuster costume dramas of this year, the fantasy epic tale ‘Lost You Forever’ becomes one of the best-selling and most popular costume dramas of the year starring Yang Zi and Zhang WanYi.

Additionally, the individual mystery-solving detective wuxia drama ‘Mysterious Lotus Casebook’, starring Cheng Yi and Zheng Shunxi, achieved the certification as the best wuxia drama of the year with a solid 8.5 Douban ratings and a net profit of 1.26 million. These two series exceptionally performed well in the market this year receiving robust word of mouth, long tail effect, high popularity rankings, and generating online discussions of almost close to 200 million.

C-Drama Enthusiasts believe that when it comes to Costume Dramas, nobody can beat the Chinese, as that’s where they excel. Here, we have curated the 14 most popular costume Chinese dramas of 2023 that you shouldn’t miss if you are an avid Chinese costume drama lover.

Lost You Forever S1

Drama Lost You Forever
  • Douban Rating: 7.8 rated by over 366K users
  • Directed by: Yang Huan & Zhen Qin
  • Episodes: 39
  • Starring: Yang Zi, Zhang WanYi, Deng Wei, Tan Jianci, Wang HongYi & Dai Luwa

Synopsis: This fantasy epic tells the story of Princess Xiao Yao (Yang Zi), who was once abandoned for 300 years when she was a child, and her twisted entangled relationships with the four guys that she met along her arduous journey.

About the Show: This show is adapted from the popular web novel of the same name by Tong Hua. It became one of the Weibo-certified blockbuster online TV dramas of 2023.

Watch On: We TV, Netflix, Youtube

Mysterious Lotus Casebook

Mysterious Lotus Casebook
  • Douban Rating: 8.5 rated by over 557K users
  • Directed by: Guo Hu, Ren Hai Tao
  • Episodes:40
  • Cast: Cheng Yi, Zheng Shunxi, Xiao ShunYao, Chen Duling, Wang Herun

Synopsis: This individual mystery-solving detective drama tells the story of Li Xiang Yi (Cheng Yi), dominated by his superior swordsmanship and was a symbol of light in the martial arts world.

About The Show: Mysterious Lotus Casebook is the Weibo-certified best wuxia drama of 2023. This drama is adapted from the popular web novel ‘Auspicious Pattern Lotus House” (吉祥纹莲花楼) by Teng Ping (藤萍)’.

Watch On: iQIYI

An Ancient Love Song

An Ancient Love Song
  • Douban Ratings: 8.6 rated by over 154K users
  • Directed By: Zhi Zhu
  • Episodes: 14
  • Cast: Zhang Yaqin, Guo Jianan

Synopsis: Professor Shen Bu Yan (Guo Jianan) accidentally travels to the ancient era of Acacia, where he becomes obsessed with finding the ancient secret of this era as he meets the female lead, Lu Yuan (Zhang Yaqin). Shen Bu Yan discovers each time he time travels, he meets a younger version of Lu Yuan, showcasing a reverse storyline.

Watch on: Youtube

The Starry Love

The Starry Love
  • Douban Ratings: 7.3 rated by over 113K users
  • Directed By: Chu Yui Bin
  • Episode: 40
  • Cast: Chen Xingxu, Li Landi, He Xuanlin, Chen Muchi

Synopsis: Twin sisters, Li Guang Ye Tan (Li Landi) and Li Guang Qin Kui (He XuanLin) have had their marriages arranged since birth. The Elder sister Qinku is noble, dignified, trained, and educated and is betrothed to the Heavenly Prince Shaodian Youqin (Chen Xingxu), while the Younger sister Yetan is rebellious, cunning, and looked down upon by her people and is destined to marry Demon Crown Prince. However, On their wedding day, something strange happens that leads to their sedan chair being swapped, getting the two twin sisters into completely different places, creating two beautiful romances with unexpected intricacies and excitement during the journey.

About The Show: The show is adapted from the web novel “Xing Luo Ning Cheng Tang” (星落凝成糖) by Yi Du Jun Hua (一度君华 ).

Watch On: Youku, Youtube

The Longest Promise

The Longest Promise
The Longest Promise
  • Douban Rating: ( 6.3 rated by over 276K users)
  • Directed by: Jeffrey Chiang
  • Episodes: 40
  • Cast: Xiao Zhan & Ren Min

Synopsis: This tells the story of Royal Prince Shi Ying (Xiao Zhan) who was banished to the JiuYi mountain to cultivate since his childhood and his entangled relationship with the Chi Yi Tribe Princess Zhu Yan (Ren Min).

About The Show: This is one of the most popular shows on its streaming platform Tencent Video in 2023, breaking the 3200 popularity Index. The show is an adaptation of the novel “Zhu Yan” (朱颜) by Cang Yue (沧月).

Watch On: Tencent Video, Netflix


Chinese Drama Destined 2023
  • Douban Rating: 6.5 rated by over 155K users
  • Directed By: Yin Tao
  • Episodes:40
  • Cast: Bai Jingting, Song Yi, and Liu Xue Yi

Synopsis: This typical historical drama tells the story of Liu Yuru (Song Yi), a legitimate daughter of a former cloth merchant whose wish is to marry into a stronger family one day, so she can become powerful and independent. However, all her dreams come crashing down, once her marriage is arranged with the notorious playboy, Gu Jiushi (Bai Jingting) from a wealthy family because of a misunderstanding.

About The Show: The show is Adapted from the web novel “Chang Feng Du” (长风渡) by Mo Shu Bai (墨书白).

Watch On: iQIYI

Till The End Of The Moon

Till The End Of The Moon
Till The End Of The Moon
  • Douban Ratings: 5.6 rated by over 357K users
  • Directed By: Kuk Kok Leung
  • Episodes: 40
  • Cast: Luo Yunxi, Bai Lu

Synopsis: This is a story of a twisted fate and a love-hate relationship between a Demon Lord Tan Tan Jin (Luo Yunxi) and Fairy Li Susu/Ye Xi Wu (Bai Lu.) In a world where the Demon Lord reigns, seizing control over everything, a desperate attempt is made to alter the fate of all and restore the natural order. To achieve this, Li Susu is sent back in time to uncover the origins of Demon Lord Tan Tan Jin and prevent his resurrection.

About The Show: The show is Adapted from the web novel “Hei Yue Guang Na Wen BE Ju Ben” (黑月光拿稳BE剧本) by Teng Luo Wei Zhi (藤萝为枝).

Watch On: Netflix, YouKu

A Journey To Love

a journey to love chinese drama
a journey to love chinese drama
  • Douban Ratings: 6.5 rated by over 131K users
  • Directed By: Zhou Yuan Zhou, Zhou Xi
  • Episodes: 40
  • Cast: Liu Shishi, Liu Yuning, Alen Fang

Synopsis: Spymaster Ning Yanzhou (Liu Yuning) and his Tang team are ordered to escort a Wu delegation to An State. Their critical mission is to secure the release of their captured rulers and the Emperor by paying a ransom. On the way, they meet deadly Ren Ruyi (portrayed by Liu Shishi); a ruthless assassin shrouded in a mysterious past and driven by vengeance. As their goals intertwine (Ren Ruyi & Wu-Tang Team) they form a wary alliance and start to work ahead together.

About The Show: The first drama that hit the 8500 popularity index, setting a record for the highest popularity on iQiyi’s first day of broadcast in 2023.

Watch On: Viu & iQIYI

The Blood of Youth

The Blood Of Youth
  • Douban ratings: 8.3 rated by over 115K users
  • Directed by: Yin Tao, Zhu Hai Jun
  • Episodes: 40
  • Cast: Li HongYi, Liu XueYi, Ao Ruipeng, Lin Bo Yang and more

Synopsis:  A young aspiring man who wants to prove his worth and heroic deeds in the martial arts world, Lie WuJie (Ao Ruipeng), was on his way to XueYue city and mistakenly strayed into Fallen Snow Villa. During his journey, he ends up damaging Xiao Se’s (Li HongYi) place, and to please the grumpy Xiao Se, he is left with no choice but to take with him. Along the journey, they met other companions like Wu Xin (Liu XueYi), Tang Lian, Si Kong Qian Luo, and others, which led them into an unimaginable arduous journey that shook the entire pugilistic world.

About the Show: The show is adapted novel “Shao Nian Ge Xing” (少年歌行) by Zhou Mu Nan (周木楠).

Watch On: YouKu, Youtube

Legend of Anle

The Legend Of Anle
The Legend Of Anle
  • Douban Ratings: 5.8 rated by over 105K users
  • Directed By: Gary Sing, Jones Ma, Jason So
  • Episodes: 39
  • Cast: Dilireba, Gong Jun and Liu Yuning

Synopsis: Di Zi Yuan (Dilireba) seeks revenge after her family was falsely accused of treason ten years ago and beheaded according to the emperor’s edict. After surviving the catastrophe, she changes her name to Ren An Le and schemes her way into the court.

About the show: Adapted from the web novel “Di Huang Shu” (帝皇书) by Xing Ling (星零)

Watch On: Netflix, YouKu, Youtube

My Journey To You

My Journey To You
  • Douban Ratings: 6.1 rated by over 104K users
  • Directed By: Luo Luo
  • Episodes: 24
  • Cast: Esther Yu, Zhang Linghe, Cheng Lei, Lu Yuxiao

Synopsis: Yun Wei Shan (Esther Yu), a dangerously skilled and powerful spy longing for freedom, is tasked with a life-and-death mission that can cost her life. In exchange for completing the mission, she’ll secure her freedom from that dark and gloomy place forever. In the process, she successfully infiltrates the eerie and treacherous place, Gong’s residence to complete her mission, where she encounters rebellious yet sympathetic nobleman Gong Zi Yu (Zhang Linghe).  

Watch On: iQIYI

Love You Seven Times

  • Douban Ratings: 6.2 rated by over 101K users
  • Directed by: Li Nan, Du Lin
  • Episodes: 38
  • Cast: Ding Yuxi & Yang ChaoYue

Synopsis: A love-hate relationship between God of War, Chu Kong (Ding Yuxi), and Fairy Xiang Yun (Yang Chaoyue) that spans seven lifetimes due to a messed up love thread of fate.

About the show: Adapted from the web novel “Yi Shi Chong Dong, Qi Shi Bu Xiang” (一时冲动,七世不祥) by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang (九鹭非香).

Watch On:  iQIYI

Story of Kunning Palace

Story Of Kunning Palace
Story Of Kunning Palace
  • Douban Ratings: 6.7 rated by over 105K users
  • Directed by: Chu Yui Bun
  • Episodes: 40
  • Cast: Zhang Linghe, Bai Lu, Wang XingYue & Zhao Junwei

Synopsis: “Story of Kunning Palace” is a fantasy, historical, romance, and political palace drama where the female lead, Jiang Xuening (played by Bai Lu), aspires to become a queen, engaging in all sorts of evil deeds, including betraying her people who once trusted and loved her. During the process, she falls victim to a palace coup and commits suicide. She is reincarnated, and this time she doesn’t want to repeat her past life mistakes and is determined to rewrite her ending, along with the cold and devilish-looking Xie Wei (played by Zhang Linghe), whom she fears the most and doesn’t want to get entangled with.

About the show: Adapted from the web novel “Kun Ning” (坤宁) by Shi Jing (时镜).

Watch On: iQIYI

Wonderland of Love

Wonderland of Love
Wonderland of Love

Douban Ratings: 6.5 rated by over 27K users

Directed by: Steve Cheng

Episodes: 40

Cast: Xu Kai & Jing Tian

Synopsis: The Emperor’s grandson, Li Ni, is a seemingly carefree border frontline general who has no intention of vying for power and keeps his true identity hidden. Despite being the emperor’s grandson, he never received his father’s love, was tasked with guarding the border, and was forced to quell a rebellion.

About the show: Adapted from the novel “Le You Yuan” (乐游原) by Fei Wo Si Cun (匪我思存).

Watch On:  Tencent Video

Back From The Brink

Douban Ratings: 7.2 rated by over 95K users

Directed by: Sam Ho, Cheng Lu, Zheng Xiao Yu

Episodes: 40

Cast: Zhou Ye & Neo Hou

Synopsis: The Ancient Dragon Tian Yao (played by Neo Hou) was betrayed by his lovers on their wedding day; his dragon scale was ruthlessly stripped and body parts were sealed in five different places, but by luck, only his soul escaped. Later, he was reborn and encountered a girl named Yan Hui (played by Zhou Ye) who vowed to protect him.

Watch On:  Youku

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