All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Drama “Liu Zhou Story”

Liu Zhou Story 柳舟记” is an upcoming historical romance TV Drama starring Zhang Wan Yi and Wang Churan in the lead roles. It is based on the web novel Jiao Cang (娇藏) by Kuang Shang Jia Kuang and is directed by Liu Guo Nan and Cong Xiao.

Apart from the two main leads, the supporting cast of this series includes Liu Ling Zi, Chang Huasen, Zhu Zijie, Yuan Yuxuan, and more.

C-Drama ‘Liu Zhou Story’ mainly tells the story of Liu Mian Tang ( portrayed by Wang Churan), a cold, smart, and fearless female stronghold leader who leads the people in Yangshan and is disguised as the wife of a village leader, Lu Wen. And, a scheming lord, Cui XingZhou (portrayed by Zhang WanYi), is softer on the outside but ruthless in reality.

Liu Zhou Story – Plot Introduction

  • Episodes: 40
  • Genre: Historical, Wuxia, Romance
  • Starring: Zhang Wan Yi, Wang Churan
  • Director: Liu Guo Nan, Cong Xiao.
  • Screenwriter: Zhao Tian You
  • Original Platform: Tencent Video
  • Release Date: 2024

Plot Summary; Liu Mian Tang (Wang Churan), the village leader of Yan Shan promotes goodness, punishes evil, and upholds justice. However, One day she is attacked and heavily injured and is rescued by Cui Xing Zhou, the Prince of Huai Yang. After waking up, she lost all her memories from the past and mistook Cui Xing Zhou for her husband, Lu Wen.

Liu Mian Tang starts her own Porcelain business in the town with her own wits and intelligence. She is guarded and cherished by the government for her extraordinary talents. Liu Mian Tang and Cui Xing Zhou as husband and wife work together, fight evil forces, suppress bandits, and eventually move forward to peace and harmony as a true couple.

However, In the midst of harmony, their identities are suddenly exposed. Will They stay together even after knowing this truth or will they choose a different path?

The reason behind the main male lead, Cui Xing Zhou’s rescue.

So, the story simply begins when the village owner Liu Mian Tang is rescued by the Huai Yang Prince, Cui Xing Zhou. Though, this rescue is not so simple. Cui Xing Zhou is trying to capture the village bandit leader and wants to use Liu Miantang as a threat because he thinks that she is the concubine of the village leader.

Unexpectedly after waking up, Liu Mian Tang, who herself is the leader of the village, loses her memory. So, Cui Xing Zhou has no option but to pretend to be her husband. But he never expected that he would gradually fall in love with her. In this way, the two start to fall for each other even without knowing each other’s identity.

Characters Introduction

Zhang Wan Yi as Cui Xing Zhou

Zhang Wan Yi, Wang Churan, Liu Zhou Story Drama
Zhang Wan Yi as Prince Cui Xing Zhou

Cui Xingzhou, also known as Cui Jiu, seemingly gentle and kind, is both the ruthless and powerful Prince of Huaiyang and a noble orchid blooming among the pillars of the court.

In order to hunt the Village leader, he mistook Liu Mian Tang for the village owner’s lover and starts to play his mind games. He pretended to be a normal businessman and her husband. Originally, he wanted to abandon her after using her, but he gradually fell in love with her after getting along.

Wang Churan as Liu Mian Tang

Liu Zhou Story Drama
Wang Churan as Village leader Liu Mian Tang

Liu Mian Tang is the leader of Yingshan Village in Lingquan Town. She is an unparalleled beauty with outstanding martial arts skills. Originally, She was a young lady from a well-reputed family, but after her family fell into disgrace, she became the head of the Yang Shan village.

Relying on her wisdom, she fearlessly led the people of Yingshan in their fight against evil, upholding righteousness and justice.

Chang Huasen as Zi Yu/Liu Yu

Zi Yu, the grandson of the emperor, living as a commer among the people once had a mutual affection with Liu Mian Tang. But he missed the chance due to the constant interference of Yun Niang, who had a crush on Zi Yu.

Amidst the turmoil of the imperial court, Zi Yu ascends to the throne as a puppet emperor. With the help of Liu Mian Tang and Cui Xing Zhou, he successfully eliminated the enemies and restored the stability of the nation.

Zhang Wan Yi & Wang Churan

Zhang Wan Yi rose to fame after his exceptional performance in last year’s drama ‘Last You Forever’. He is not only praised by netizens for his good looks but also for his great acting skills.

This time, viewers can’t seem to wait for this drama and his performance. They think he is the perfect fit for this role as he possesses both cold and warm aura.

On the other hand, although Actress Wang faced heavy criticism last year for her role as ‘Xu Qin’ in the modern drama “Fireworks of My Heart,” her upcoming projects are all promising including ‘Liu Zhou Story’.

Churan undeniably looks great in a costume and is beautiful. Her acting skills are also impressive.

Initially, Some viewers were hesitant to watch this drama because of her controversy but after the filming Reuters was released, the reviews gradually improved making it one of the most highly anticipated works.

Will Churan be able to turn the tide with this project? Well…that’s yet to be seen.

Talking about their chemistry, judging from the stills, they look good and promising onscreen pairing.

Production Details

The director of this drama is Liu Guonan, whose previous works include The Glory of Tang Dynasty (National Dark Horse of 2017), written by Zhao Tian You, and produced by Guo Chen, known for popular works like The Flame’s Daughter (2018) and Novoland Pearl Eclipse (2021).

Modification in the original Plotline

Liu Zhou story’s production team has revealed that they are open to making some changes to the original story in order to adapt it for television. However, they have also mentioned that they want to stay true to the spirit of the novel.

The novel Jiao Cang (娇藏) by Kuang Shang Jia Kuang is known for its bold and provocative style. As a result, this has led to some concerns that the drama may need to be toned down in order to be suitable for a wider audience.

So, the drama is expected to be a little bit different from the original works as some scenes will be deleted or modified (actually most of the original works are modified after they’re adapted, so it’s not a big issue).

When Will ‘Liu Zhou Story’ be Released?

‘Liu Zhou Story’ is expected to premiere in Quarter 3 of 2024. Once the drama is released it will be available on platforms like CCTV and Tencent Video.

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