Luo Yunxi & Song Yi’s Historical Drama “Follow Your Heart” Plot Details, Cast, Release Date

Follow Your Heart (颜心记)’ is a suspense-detective, revenge-driven historical period romance drama with a bit of supernatural elements. The series stars Luo Yunxi and Song Yi in the leading roles. Do you think that they’ll make a great pair? Hmm… I think yes.

Initially, Luo Yunxi rose to fame with his unforgettable performance in ‘Ashes of Love (2018)’ and Song Yi with her impressive role in ‘Joy Of Life Season 1’. From all the clips and Reuters including official stills from the production team, it seems the chemistry between Luo Yunxi and Song Yi is gonna look great. Not to mention that they both are great actors.

The director behind this project is Yu Zhongzhong, known for his works in modern rom-coms like ‘Love Is Sweet (2020)’, and ‘My Unicorn Girl (2020)’. The scriptwriter is Hu Rong and is popular for her work on the historical drama ‘Good Bye My Princess (2019)’.

So, are you looking forward to this drama and want to more about it? If yes, keep reading.

Follow Your Heart – Plot Introduction

  • Episode: 40
  • Genre: Romance, Suspense, Investigation
  • Starring: Luo Yunxi, Song Yi
  • Director: Yu Zhong Zhong
  • Original Platform: iQIYI
  • Filming Date: April 28, 2023 – August 24, 2023
  • Release Date: June 21, 2024

Plot Summary: Jiang Xin Bai (portrayed by Luo Yunxi) is an originally righteous, handsome yet cold and indifferent Prince. But after his father was framed, he was exiled from the county.

Along the journey, he hit his head and suffered from face blindness. Once he grows up, he becomes a head constable to find out the truth behind his father’s case.

During this process, he meets a mysterious woman named, Yan Nan Xing (portrayed by Song Yi), a wandering doctor who has a strange syndrome of changing appearance every month.

Despite changes in her looks every time they meet, Jiang Xin recognizes Yan Nan Xing without any difficulty (if he doesn’t, then it won’t be fun, right?).

The two work together to solve the case and their relationship gradually progresses from being a mere stranger with awkward interactions to being trusted companionship.

Face Blindness & Body Transformation

Drama 'Follow Your Heart (颜心记)', Luo Yunxi, Song Yi
Luo Yunxi & Song Yi

Reportedly, the face blindness in the male protagonist, Jiang Xin Bai, and automatic body-changing syndrome in the female protagonist, Yan Nan Xing theme is adapted from the Korean Drama ‘The Beauty Inside (뷰티 인사이드) ‘. According to media outlets, the drama team ‘Follow Your Heart’ purchased the copyright from the Korean version but except for the basic premise of face blindness and body transformation, the major plotline OR story including characters and everything is original content.

While one cannot recognize the face and the other one’s looks keep changing from time to time. Isn’t that interesting? I mean they’re definitely the perfect match.

The Mystery of the Three Marriages

The drama team has revealed that the main characters, Jiang Xin Bai and Yan Nan Xing will get married three times throughout the story. In the Reuters from the filming site, Luo Yunxi and Song Yi were indeed seen wearing a beautiful wedding costume. But it has been not yet disclosed for what purpose. Is it for solving the case or something else is yet to be seen?

Supporting Cast

Another interesting part of this series is its cast ensemble. Apart from two big names, the supporting cast in the series are all familiar faces in the industry. Cheng Lei, who rose to fame after ‘My Journey To You’ in 2023 is also a part of this series. He will be playing the character Shang Bie Li, a chief commander. In the newly released stills, Cheng Lei appeared wearing battle armor. ‘Follow Your Heart’ will be his very first drama after he gained attention for his role as Gong Shang Jue in ‘My Journey To You’ last year.

In addition to Cheng Lei, another familiar face in the series is Chen Yao aka Sebrina Chen. Also, this is her second collab with Luo Yunxi after working together on ‘Immortality’. This time, she’s playing the half-sister of Luo Yunxi.

Furthermore, there is also, Huang Riying, Gu Zi Cheng, Deng Kai, and more in the supporting cast.

Cheng Xiao will appear in a guest role in the series.


Main Characters

Jiang Xin Bai

The county prince Jiang Xin Bai is demoted to a commoner after being exiled along with his father. Unexpectedly, then he is kidnapped, and during the escape, some incidents lead to his face blindness. He recognizes each person he meets only through their smells, movements, sounds, etc. After years, he moved to the city to uncover the mastermind behind his family’s downfall.

Last Year, we saw Luo Yunxi as powerful Demon Lord Tan Taijin, and this year, we’ll be meeting him as a dedicated, resilient and handsome investigator Jiang Xin Bai onscreen, who will fight for justice and punish evil.

Yan Nan Xing

Yan Nan Xing is a wanderer with excellent medical skills. She was kidnapped and forced to eat some strange medicine when she was a child triggering an automatic ‘body transformation’ within her. Therefore, she is disliked by her own family and the world sees her as a monster. But after meeting Jiang Xin Bei, she notices that he is the only one who doesn’t care about her changing looks, making her slowly develop a crush on him. Later, she decides to work together with him on an investigation.

When it comes to period historical drama, Song Yi is definitely one of the best actresses. In 2023, we watched her wonderful performance in ‘Destined’. So, ready to meet Song Yi as smart, lively, rebellious, and chivalrous Yan Nan Xing?

Supporting Characters

Jiang Suo Luo

Jiang Suo Luo (Portrayed by Sebrina Chen) is the half-sister of Jiang Xin Bai. She is the first female priestess of Hanlin Academy. She is a proud and arrogant lady. She was disappointed by Jiang Xin Bai’s cold attitude toward her not knowing that her brother is suffering from face blindness. She has a love interest with Liu Ruo Qian played by actor Gu Zi Cheng.

Shang Bie Li

Shang Bie Li (portrayed by Cheng Lei) is the chief commander of public security in the Capital. He always wears a mask because he has a scar from the war. It’s not until he meets Yan Nan Xing, who completely heals his scar, that he can finally remove the mask.

When Will “Follow Your Heart” Will Be Released?

Follow Your Heart is announced to premiere on June 21, 2024 on iQIYI.


Due to its high-quality graphics, cinematography, costumes, makeup, etc ‘Follow Your Heart’ is one of the highly anticipated dramas in 2024. Couple with outstanding actors like Luo Yunxi and Song Yi, netizens believe it will be one of the most popular dramas after its premiere in 2024.

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