Zhao Liying Confirmed To Star In The New Thriller Sci-Fi TV Series “What A Wonderful World”

Imagine a world where everything you believe or see turns out to be nothing but an illusion, even your own existence. How would you cope with such a shattering revelation? Ahhhh…That’s quite tough, right? This time, Zhao Liying (赵丽颖) will be in a similar situation in the upcoming Chinese drama “What A Wonderful World (在人间).

Drama What A Wonderful World (在人间), Zhao Liying

iQIYI confirmed the new thriller sci-fi web series “What A Wonderful World (在人间)” officially announcing its leads Zhao Liying and Yin Fang.

This is an 8-episode drama under iQIYI’S production that is gonna be filled with suspense, thrills, and sci-fi elements.

The drama will be following concepts like multi-personality, redemption, and transformation exploring the multifaceted nature of human psychology. In essence, it tackles the complexities of dissociative identity disorder (DID).

It’s iQIYI’s forte when it comes to mainstream genres like these. From 2020’s thought-provoking Megahit ‘Bad Kids’ to last year’s crime thriller ‘Knock Out’, iQIYI is best known for its quality production under these genres or thematic areas.

With costume drama “The Legend of Shen Li” already exceeding a billion views across platforms midway through its airing, Liying continues to create waves with her new drama announcement.

In the series, Zhao Liying will portray the character Jia Xiao Duo who is one of the sub personalities of the male protagonist, Xu Tian, and believes herself to be real.

Opposite Zhao Liying, Yin Fang will be playing the main male character Xu Tian, who is diagnosed with multiple personality/ identity disorder (DID), with six distinct personalities.

Yin Fang (尹昉) is best known for his performance in ‘The Long River (2022)’,’ The Last Good Bye To Mama (2021), etc. Besides the small TV screen world, he is mostly active in the big screen world/ film world.

Apart from the two main leads, the series stars other powerful and seasoned actors like Zhang Yishan, Xin Zhilei, Yiwei Yiwei, Dong Zijian, etc. The cast lineup is really strong and worth looking forward to.

The scriptwriter and director behind this project is the same person, Xu Bing (徐兵) whose previous popular works include; ‘The Youth Memories (2023)’, ‘New World (2020)’ and more.

What A Wonderful World – Plot Introduction, Release Date, Cast

Drama What A Wonderful World (在人间), Zhao Liying
Zhao Liying and Yin Fang for ‘What A Wonderful’ booting ceremony
  • Episodes: 8
  • Genre: Psychology, Thriller, Suspense, SciFi
  • Director: Xu Bing
  • Original Platform: iQIYI
  • Filming Period: March 31 –
  • Broadcast Date: 2025

Plot Summar: Xu Tian (portrayed by Yin Fang), a patient with dissociative identity disorder (DID), learns from his doctor that he has six alters – distinct personalities existing alongside his own. Each sub-personality has its own unique traits. However, Xu Tian has never been able to see them. Jia Xiaoduo (portrayed by Zhao Liying) is one of these six alters, emerging as the most dominant personality.

Due to her prominence, Jia Xiaoduo believes she is the core identity and the others are figments. This delusion compels her to eliminate the other alters, one by one.

She undergoes therapy, struggling to understand her situation and eradicate the other personalities while desperately seeking to confirm her own legitimacy. Throughout this ordeal, she clings to the belief that she is the real one.

Despite her success, a startling revelation awaits Jia Xiaoduo: she herself is the last remaining alter to be eliminated. During this process, she experiences fear, loneliness, or a desperate desire to survive.

Only two identities are left within Xu Tian: his original self and Jia Xiaoduo. He is unaware of Jia Xiaoduo’s existence and oblivious to her struggle for her survival. After his doctor suggests to him that only one alter is left and it’ll be easier to drive it away, Xu Tian feels some kind of inexplicable sorrow & pain deep inside.

Intriguinging plotline, isn’t it?

The last time, I watched a drama in a similar genre or concept was in the Korean drama ‘Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)’. Even if there were personality disorders the actors playing the roles would be the same, but the ‘What A Wonderful World’ case seems to be a little different here. Among the six personalities of the male character, one of them will be played by Zhao Liying, who is the major character of the series.

Judging from the plot summary, the series will be deep-diving into Jia Xiaoduo’s internal conflict, and the cause behind Xu Tian’s DID unfolding a traumatic event that might have triggered the creation of those alters in him.

Jia Xiaoduo’s actions highlight the powerful bond between Xu Tian, his sub-personalities, and the lengths they may go to protect each other. So, Are you curious how Jia Xiaoduo will deal with the idea that she might not be real? Well, for that, We’ve got to wait here.

Simply, ‘What A Wonderful World’ is the story of multiple personalities falling in love and redeeming each other. It’s Xu Tian’s journey to wholeness.


Viewers can expect a roller coaster ride of chills, complicated human emotions, darkness, terror, confusion, growth, healing, and transformation all woven together with light science fiction in ‘What A Wonderful World’. Due to its complex storyline, and stellar cast ensemble, this is one of the highly anticipated series in 2025.

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