Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jingyi are officially confirmed to star in a new costume drama

Finally! Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jing Yi are confirmed to star in a new historical costume drama ‘Zang Hai Zhuan’ aka ‘The Legend of Zang Hai’.

Youku’s production, ‘The Legend of Zang Hai 藏海传’, is a revenge-themed historical suspense drama about a man who wants to avenge his family that was destroyed almost 10 years ago.

Zang Hai Zhuan – Plot Introduction

  • Episodes: 40
  • Genre: Drama, Costume, Fantasy, Adventure
  • Director Zheng Xiaolong (chief director), Cao Yiwen (director)
  • Starring: Xiao Zhan, Zhang Jing Yi, Zhou Qi, Huang Jue, Yu Nan, Qiao Zheng Yu, Tian Xiaojie, Sha Baoling, Liang Chao, Xing Minshan, Yang Yutong, Shao Wen, Yang Fan
  • Broadcast Time: N/A (Reservations are open)
  • Original Platform: Youku
  • Filming Date: December 30, 2023 –

As the title suggests, the drama tells the story of Wang Zang Hai (played by Xiao Zhan), originally the son of an imperial astronomer official, whose entire family was massacred when he was a child. To face his enemies one day, he perfects himself in strategies, warfare, and crafts, hiding his real talent and restraining himself.

Ten years later, Zang Hai returns to the capital with a new identity and works in his enemies’ camp as an astronomical adviser counselor. From Prince Mansion to the court, from adviser counselor to becoming the chief minister of the empire cabinet, Wang Zanghai struggles to execute his plan in the deeply treacherous palace.

When he finally finds the chance to kill his enemy, he comes to realize that the conspiracy runs even deeper, and what he uncovered was just a simple glimpse of it. In the end, Wang Zang Hai was eventually successful to unveil the truth and identifying the person behind the conspiracy, and confronting his enemy head-on. He then joins hands with his friends to defend the country.

Booting Ceremony

As the drama team held a booting ceremony announcing its main leads, Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jingyi both appeared together with a sweet smile on their faces. Visually speaking, we have yet to see how much chemistry Xiao Zhan and Zhang JingYi hold onscreen. Additionally, given that this is a revenge-themed male-centric drama, it remains uncertain how much of a romance part is present in the story.

Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jingyi new drama
image source: Weibo (Xiao Zhan & Ju Jingyi at Zang Hai Zhuan booting ceremony)

Directed by Zheng Xiao Long and Cao Yiwen, the scriptwriter behind this project is Zhao Luyi. Aside from announcing the main leads, the first batch of supporting cast was also announced including Zhou Qi, Huang Jue, Yu Nan, and more.

Zang Hai Zhuan’s First Official Poster

Alongside the official announcement, the drama team also dropped its first theme poster where the court official and the entangled dragons behind his background are presented in a suspenseful and mysterious manner.

Xiao Zhan and Zhang Jingyi new drama
image source: 藏海传官微 (Weibo)

Just a few days ago, Xiao Zhan completed filming his upcoming movie, ‘The Legend of The Condor Heroes: The Great Hero’, which is the most anticipated Douban movie in 2024. His projects like ‘The Longest Promise‘, ‘Sunshine with Me‘, and ‘The Youth Memories‘ were released this year.

Among them, ‘The Youth Memories’ stands out this year, and his performance in the series as Xiao Chunsehng was loved by many.

Even though the actor’s projects were not as big hits as compared to previous years or recent years’ blockbusters, the 32-year-old actor is doing well in his career endeavors, especially in business and brand collaborations.

He has become the brand ambassador to Global ambassador for more than 10 high-end brands like Tods, Zenith, Gucci, etc. His reputation and influence both domestically and internationally remains unmatched.

On the other hand, the post-95 talented actress Zhang Jingyi, who will be sharing the screen with Xiao Zhan, had a hit the previous year in 2022 with ‘Lighter and Princess‘ that brought her into the limelight. She has upcoming projects like ‘The Story of Hua Zhi’ and ‘Huan Yu.

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