“The Best Thing”: Plot Details, Cast, and Release Date of the Upcoming Zhang Linghe & Xu Ruo Han Modern Drama

Modern Rom-com TV drama ‘The Best Thing (爱你)’ has officially kicked off filming. The drama is adapted from Sheng Li’s popular web novel ‘ Loving You is the Best Thing I Have Ever Done (爱你,是我做过最好的事)’ and stars Zhang Linghe & Xu Ruo Han in the leading roles.

This short 24-episode drama will explore themes like medicine, Business, Romance, Healing, Love, and Growth.

The Best Thing – Plot Introduction

  • Episodes: 24
  • Starring: Zhang Linghe, Xu Ruohan
  • Genre: Romance, Medical, Drama
  • Director: Chen Liang Yi
  • Original Platform: iQIYI, CCTV
  • Filming Period: March 23, 2023 – (currently filming)

Plot Summary: Shen Xi Fan (portrayed by Xu Ruo Han) is a workaholic hotel manager. She greatly suffers from insomnia. To solve this problem, she reaches out to Chinese Medicine Doctor He Su Ye (portrayed by Zhang Linghe) who turns out to be very handsome with a gentle & calm demeanor.

However, She often forgets to take her medicine on time due to her packed schedule causing a headache for herself. This leads to her frequent visits to the hospital and pharmacy. At first, their relationship is limited to a doctor-patient relationship only, but after repeated encounters again and again, they eventually grow closer. And Unexpectedly when they find out that they are actually neighbors, they become close friends.

Since her first relationship, Shen Xi Fan is still cautious regarding relationships, having not fully recovered from her past. On the other hand, He Su Ye has literally closed his heart to anyone since he was abandoned by his first love.

Slowly healing each other, forgetting past woes & guiding each other in the right direction, their frequent and often awkward interactions, eventually, lead them gradually to fall in love & become the perfect match.

Main Characters

Zhang Linghe as He Su Ye

Zhang Linghe in Drama 'The Best Thing'
Zhang Linghe in Doctor robe

He Su Ye (Chinese: 何苏叶) is a tall and handsome man with a charming dimple on his cheek. He is Introverted by nature and a skilled Chinese medical doctor. His relationship with his parents is not so very good except for his Grandfather.

Before meeting Shen Xi Fan, he once wholeheartedly loved someone. Everyone saw him & his first love as a match made in heaven. He Su Ye, himself never ever imagined that his relationship would crumble one day. But, It turned out the one he loved dearly…. only loved the best version of him, but not all of him. After a breakup, He Su Ye was broken and torn apart, ultimately closing his heart to anyone until he met Shen Xi Fan, who not only healed his wounded heart but also brought warmth and laughter back into his life.

According to netizens production team did a great job in casting. They think Zhang Linghe is the best fit for the role. As described in the novel, he’s got a dimple, enough height, and that aura needed in the character ‘He Su Ye’.

Zhang Linghe, 26, who rose to fame after ‘Love Between Fairy and Devil (2022)’ has been back to the modern drama scene after spending more than 2 years filming costume genre dramas. So, it’s happy news for C-Drama fans who have wanted to see him in a new modern genre for a long time.

Xu Ruo Han as Shen Xi Fan

Xu Ruo Han in Drama 'The Best Thing'

Shen Xi Fan (Chinese: 沈惜凡) is a professional hotel Manager. She’s 25 years old but looks like a young high school girl; energetic, cheerful, vibrant, and funny at times. She’s wise, talented, and good at hiding her feelings or pain. Even if the whole is turning upside down, she’ll be all smiley and strong outside. Because of her past relationship, sometimes she’s flustered & confused about her feelings, but she knows where to set boundaries and where to move ahead.

Xu Ruohan, 26, is best known for her performance in dramas like ‘The Forbidden Flower (2023)’ and ‘Perfect And Casual (2020)’. Since her debut, Xu has done very few modern dramas and most of them have been quite successful.

Romance + Chinese medicine exploration!

In the newly released stills from the filming site, Zhang Linghe and Xu Ruo Han are seen kissing under the cherry blossoms trees. This further intensified the curiosity among the audiences making it one of the highly anticipated series among modern romance genre lovers. Judging from the stills so far, the chemistry between the two should work well. The whole picture is yet to be out, so can’t really speak much about looking at a single picture for now.

Chinese Drama 'The Best Thing' 2025
Zhang Ling He as He Xu Ye and Xu Ruo Han as Shen Xi Fan

In addition to the romance plot, the drama will explore the world of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); a medical system that has been used for more than a thousand years in the Chinese Society to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses.

Since childhood, the male protagonist, He Xu Ye has been influenced by his Grandfather’s expertise in the TCM World. He wants to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and contribute to the related field. (…The last time, I watched a drama in the Chinese Medicine Genre was ‘Houlang (2023) starring Wu Geng & Zhao Lusi. Well, the plot there was way more focused on medicine and its importance rather than romance)’). But it’ll be a little different here.

Since this is an idol drama, of course, the plot will be more focused on the romance part compared to other elements. But yeah, along with romance, the major highlight of drama is expected to be Chinese Medicine.

For instance, to alleviate pain and cure insomnia of female lead in the beginning, He Xu Ye will be taking different approaches like herbal medicines, acupuncture, etc. focusing on the knowledge and importance of the related field.

Supporting Cast

Apart from the main leads, young and familiar faces like Huang Can Can, Wang You Jun, Bi Wen Jun, etc are part of this drama. Huang Can Can is in almost every popular drama in recent years, such as; Lost You Forever (2023), The Legend Of Shen Li (2023), Burning Flames (2023), etc either in a supporting or guest role. And, Wang You Jun who recently appeared in the drama Angels Fall Sometimes’ at the beginning of 2024.

Additionally, popular actor Bi Wen Jun will make a guest appearance in the drama.

When will ‘The Best Thing’ Will Be Released?

The Best Thing is expected to be broadcast in 2025 as the drama has just started filming. Once the premiere date is confirmed the drama will be exclusively streamed on CCTV and an online platform iQIYI.


While waiting for ‘The Best Thing’ if you want to get familiar with Zhang Linghe’s other works you can watch his two hit dramas Story of Kunning Palace, and My Journey To You released in 2023 on iQIYI.

For Xu Ruohan, you can watch her popular works like;

  • Perfect And Casual (Mango TV)
  • Out With a Bang (iQIYI)
  • The Forbidden Flower (Tencent Video)
  • The Hope (Youku)

So, Will He Su Ye be able to help Shen Xi Fan overcome her insomnia and find love? What do you think? To know the answer, you’ll have to wait till 2025.

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