Luo Yunxi confirmed to star in the new fantasy costume drama ‘Shui Long Yin’

Costume drama male god Luo Yunxi is confirmed to star in the upcoming xuanhuan wuxia drama ‘Shui Long Yin’.

Shui Long Yin 水龙吟,’ is a fantasy martial arts male-centric drama adapted from the novel ‘Qian Jie Mei’ by Teng Ping where Luo Yunxi will be playing the character Tang Lici.

The drama is set in the Tang Dynasty, where Tang Li Ci, the adopted son of the emperor, becomes entangled in a gruesome family massacre and is drawn into the conflicts of the pugilistic world. Amidst these conflicts, he strives to calm turbulent waters, investigate the source of a mysterious poison, resolve disputes, overcome crises, and ultimately uphold justice and protect the people.

Shui Long Yin Booting Ceremony

Shui Long Yin chinese Drama booting ceremony, Luo Yunxi

In the booting ceremony stills held on December 2, 2023, Luo Yunxi appeared in a stunningly beautiful costume wearing a sweet smile with hair and makeup done, looking great in the attire he wears.

Luo Yunxi, born in the Year of the Dragon, has consistently portrayed dragon-related characters, from ‘Ashes of Love‘ to earlier this year’s hit ‘Till The End Of The Moon.’

In his previous roles related to the dragon element, he successfully embodied characters like Run Yu and Ming Ye and is now set to take on the role of Tang Li Ci, another character intricately connected to the dragon theme.

Interestingly, reports circulating on the internet suggest that the filming of the drama will be completed in the Year of the Dragon in 2024.

This coincidence adds to the belief that Luo Yunxi is truly destined for such roles. Netizens express their delight upon learning that Luo Yunxi will be playing this character, as they firmly believe he is well-suited for costume dramas.

Alongside, the main lead the other cast of this series includes popular and well-known actors in the industry like Xiao Shunyao, who rose to fame after his supporting role in the 2023 blockbuster ‘Mysterious Lotus Casebook’.

Sabrina Chen, whose upcoming highly anticipated works include ‘The Tale of Rose’ and ‘Follow Your Heart’ is also part of the cast along with other talents like Xu Zhengxi, Ao Ziyi, Bao Shang En, and Lin Yun.

Shui Long Yin Chinese Drama
Shui Long Yin’s official poster

In the newly released concept poster, the male protagonist Tang Lici is unrestrained, chic, and enigmatic showcasing his adventurous journey with the majestic dragon which is visually stunning and striking. Reportedly, the drama will be directed by Chen Zhoufei, whose previous works include ‘The Forbidden Flower’ and ‘Double Tap.’

Except for releasing the concept poster and announcing Luo Yunxi as the main male lead, other information about the drama is yet to be disclosed, including the cast lining up. The drama is reportedly scheduled to start filming at the end of November.

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