Love On The Turquoise Land: Modern Fantasy Stars Dilireba & Chen Xingxu

Will the two individuals with contrasting identities and backgrounds with hidden mysteries be able to resolve their conflict? Well, We have yet to see. The new C-Drama ‘Love On The Turquoise Land (枭起青壤)’ starring Dilireba & Chen Xingxu has finally kicked off filming.

Before its launch, the drama received quite a buzz because of its casting, particularly regarding the male lead. Rumors swirled that actor Chen Zheyuan would play the role. However, once Cheng Xingxu’s name was mentioned on the project, everything seemed to fall into place.

Based on the well-known novel “Xiao Qi Qing Rang” (枭起青壤) by Wei Yu (尾鱼), this is Tencent Video’s modern romance fantasy drama. The series blends fantasy elements with a backdrop of modern life.

The original work is very popular among readers for its gripping plot settings and rich character designs.

So, If you’re eagerly looking forward to this drama then you can prepare yourself for thrilling adventures such as fighting against evil forces and tons of suspense.

According to novel readers, Chen Xingxu perfectly fits the character and so is Dilireba.

Judging from booting ceremony stills and Reuters released so far, Dilireba and Chen Xingxu both appeared to be a well-matched pair for the series. Despite being four years younger than Reba (31), Chen Xingxu’s mature and handsome look and, their height difference make them a compelling onscreen couple.

'Love On The Turquoise Land' Stars Dilireba & Chen Xingxu
Dilraba as Nie Juo Luo and Chen Xing Xu as Yan Tuo

After rising to fame with ‘Good Bye My Princess (2019)’, Chen Xingxu has starred in a handful of dramas in leading roles. He’s got both, good acting skills and looks.

On the other hand, Initially gaining popularity for her performance in ‘Anarhan’ in 2013, Reba has established herself as one of the top female artists in the industry today.

So, what kind of story will they bring onscreen time on ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’? Are you curious? If Yes, Keep reading.

Love On The Turquoise Land – Plot Introduction

  • Episode: 32
  • Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Supernatural, Romance, Mystery
  • Starring: Dilraba Dilmurat, Chen Xingxu
  • Director: Tian Li, He Tan
  • Original Platform: Tencent Video
  • Filming Date: March 19th –

Plot Summary: ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ tells the story of Sculptor Nie Jiu Luo (portrayed by Dilireba), a descendant of the Mao Tuo Army. She is an independent, fashionable, smart woman who wants to live an ordinary life. But her identity is connected with a mysterious past. A past where countless mysteries with unimaginable consequences are attached.

At the same time, Yan Tuo (portrayed by Chen Xingxu) is a wealthy man whose identity is opposite to Nie Jiu Luo. He’s on his way to seek the truth behind those unsolved puzzles and avenge his mother’s death.

Yan Tuo’s determination, strength, and emotional entanglements with the female lead are sure to become major highlights of the drama.

When the two meet, their destinies start to intertwine. They go from being suspicious of each other to eventually becoming trusted comrades. Slowly, they discover the truth behind the Mao Tuo Army, mysterious powers, revealing the world beyond their imaginations, immortality, and so on.

  • Supporting Cast

Apart from the two main leads, Zhang Li stars in a special role as Lin Xi Rou in the drama. Alongside Zhang Li, Dong Chang from Burning River (2020) and Pan Mei Ye from ‘Miss The Dragon (2021)’ are also confirmed to be part of the show in the show in supporting roles.

The scriptwriter of ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ is also the original author of the book

The novel Xiao Qi Qing Rang” (枭起青壤) is a beloved book among Chinese novel readers. Wei Yu (尾鱼), the author, is best known for portraying complex human nature within fantastical settings. Her works, seemingly simple on the surface, always hold deeper meanings or messages.

Before this, her works were adapted into series like Rattan (2021), and Parallel World (2023) which are popular among the audiences. If you are familiar with these works or her novel, then you can likely imagine the tone for ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’. The theme and settings for her works are always different and unique from the rest of the dramas.

Another good thing about Wei Yu is when most of her novels are adapted into a series, she herself works on the script writing part as well. And ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ is no exception. So, even if there will be some modifications in the live version, book readers can still expect a recognizable adaptation.

Dilireba in bold and fashionable Modern outfits:

'Love On The Turquoise Land' Stars Dilireba & Chen Xingxu
Dilireba in the drama ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’

Did you notice Reba’s beautiful eyes in those contact lenses in the pictures above (beginning pic)? Gosh..she’s such a beauty! Her long and slightly curled fluttering hair, coupled with the sharp and boldness in her eyes, looks absolutely stunning.

The last time, we saw Reba in such a flawless physique, outfit, and aura in the modern genre was in ‘You Are My Glory (2021)’, where she played the role of a popular actress alongside Yang Yang.

Since ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ began filming, Dilireba’s outfits from the drama have been trending on Weibo from time to time for their style. Given her attractive figure, it seems like she’s set to create waves in the industry as a fashion icon in addition to her acting prowess in 2025.

However, 2023 wasn’t a particularly successful year for her in terms of drama projects, both “Prosecution Elite” and “The Legend of Anle” fell below expectations.

When will ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ be released?

With filming just underway, viewers can likely expect Love on the Turquoise Land to premiere sometime in 2025.

Due to its captivating storyline with strong casting, ‘Love On The Turquoise Land’ is one of the highly anticipated C-Dramas to be released in 2025.

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