In Blossom: Reasons To Watch Ju Jingyi & Liu Xueyi’s Historical Romance Drama

In 2024, In Blossom 花间令 starring Ju Jing Yi and Liu Xueyi became a surprise hit in March. After its premiere on March 15, it competed with big liuliang stars’ dramas like Zhao Liying’s ‘The Legend Of Shen Li’ and Ren Jialun’s ‘Burning Flames’.

The drama entered the 10K Heat Index club within the third day of its premiere which is not an easy feat. Its original broadcasting platform Youku also certified it as their dark horse of 2024.

So far, the drama’s overall performance was great. Despite its shoestring budget, the drama delivered a high-impact performance.

Additionally, Liu Xueyi, the main male protagonist in the series, was highly praised and discussed on Weibo for his great acting prowess and good looks.

‘In Blossom’ gained quite a popularity for its engaging storyline, good cast ensemble, and its fusion of historical and fantasy elements. If you’re curious, read on to discover the top reasons why embarking on a binge-watch of “In Blossom” is a must!

Beyond Romance: Unexpected Twists & Mysteries in “In Blossom

In Blossom Chinese Drama

As the title suggests, ‘In Blossom’ is a story of growth, healing, rebirth, reunion, and love.

The best part about this series is that it does not depend solely on the romantic plot to capture the viewer’s attention; it has many beautiful yet heartbreaking moments and characters in each episode.

Whether it’s a bad or a good one, each character has their own story to tell that leads viewers to nowhere but ends up making one’s eyes teary. Their life story and the path they’ve chosen along the way will make you ponder, if you were in their shoes could your choices have been any better than theirs?

As this is a detective drama along with romance, the suspense and tension built into the series will surely surprise you or keep you on the edge of your seat. You’ll keep guessing who’s the mastermind behind the scenes but will turn out to be someone very unexpected until the very end.

‘In Blossom’ follows the story of a coroner girl, Yang Cai Wei (portrayed by Ju Jing Yi) whom everyone in the city of Heyang literally hates.

Nearly ten years later, she crossed paths again with her childhood sweetheart, Pan Yue (played by Liu Xueyi), who had once promised to marry her.

Once Pan Yue finds out that the girl he has been looking for years has appeared in front of him again, he asks her to marry him as per their childhood engagement. At first, Cai Wei gets confused by Pan Yue’s sudden proposal but in the end, she agrees.

Unfortunately, on the day of their wedding, Yang Cai Wei is murdered. All the doubts and crime suspicions fall upon Pan Yue.

Reborn from death, Yang Cai Wei takes the identity of a wicked woman named ‘Sangguan Zhi’. She also suspects that Pan Yue must be the killer. Then, she mustered up her courage and embarked on a journey to expose the true colors of Pan Yue.

However, as they work side by side, she comes to know that he is not the murderer but a loyal man who has always cherished and loved her deeply. There’s someone behind the scenes who’s setting them into deathly traps one after another.

When it appears as if everything has fallen into place, the villain’s shocking move shatters everything again and pushes the whole situation into an abyss of despair.

Compelling Characters

  • Main Characters
In Blossom Chinese Drama
Liu Xueyi as Pan Yue in ‘In Blossom’

Pan Yue is the illegitimate son of the Yue family. Due to this reason, he’s looked down on by his family. He is a smart, handsome, and talented young man.

After Yang Cai Wei’s death, to find the real murderer and truth, he is appointed as a magistrate and starts working in Heyang. He’s determined to dig out the mouse and their hole who’s plotting everything behind his back for almost a decade. At a time while working together with Sangguan Zhi, not knowing it is Yang Cang Wei he often gets swayed between his feelings and reality.

Well, if you are Liu Xueyi’s admirer or fan, then this is an extra point for you to watch this series as he is the leading man here. His visuals including acting are top-notch.

Furthermore, all four dramas where Liu starred in the leading roles have had a great impact and high return profit in the market. This further solidifies his standing in the industry even and opens doors for even more exciting opportunities in his flourishing career.

In Blossom Chinese Drama
Ju Jingyi as Yang Cai Wei & Sangguan Zhi in ‘In Blossom

Yang Cai Wei is an orphan. She’s quick-witted, proactive, independent, and a skilled coroner.

One day when she’s checking some corpses, she’s suddenly caught by some court official on the suspicion of killing those people. Even if she tries to clarify the matter, officials do not buy it. In this process, she meets Pan Yue and is saved by him.

Cai Wei tries to hide her identity and pretend not to know him; hiding that they used to be close buddies. But Pan Yue instantly recognizes her and asks her to be his lifelong partner.

Cai Wei gets confused by the sudden proposal, but after hearing Pan Yue’s honest confession, she decides to marry him. Unfortunately, she was assassinated right after the wedding ceremony.

Ju Jing Yi has played dual roles in this series. Initially, she appeared as a badass and devilish villain, Sangguan Zhi. Later, she takes on the role of the kind, sweet, and talented girl Yang Cai Wei.

Ju Jing Yi is undeniably beautiful and elegant. Her performance in the drama is impressive. It is noticeable that the actress has improved her acting a lot compared to her previous year’s projects.

  • Supporting Characters
In Blossom Chinese Drama
Li Ge Yang as Zhuo Lan Jiang in ‘In Blossom

Zhuo Lan Jiang (played by Li Ge Yang) is the second male lead in the series. He is the young master of Silver Rain Terrace in Heyang and is also one of the closest friends of Yang Cai Wei, secretly in love with her.

He actively participates in the investigation case with Pan Yue and Yang Cai Wei, only to later discover that someone very close to him has been deceiving and keeping him in the dark. This discovery shatters him, as everything he’s believed for years crumbles.

Love Blooms with Unexpected Twists

As a romance genre audience, you’ll definitely love this. From Childhood sweethearts to grown-up lovers, from being suspicious partners to trusted companionship, experiencing death and life together, they go through various ups and downs before finally being together.

Many emotional lines and heart-fluttering scenes will eventually unfold after Pan Yue discovers that his beloved Yang Cai Wei is actually alive. He’ll simply leave no room for regret but to pursue his love with all strength and courage.

This time, he doesn’t dare to lose her. And, It goes the same for Yang Cai Wei. After knowing the truth, the bond and love between the two deepen even more.

The chemistry between Ju Jingyi and Liu Xueyi is not explosive type but yes it’s easygoing and natural. You can see/feel the spark between the two.

While few audiences seem to be stuck with Zheng He Hui Zi who played Yang Cai Wei in the first 2 episodes in a guest role. She was praised and hotly discussed by C-netizens for her good performance.

Apart from the two main protagonists, ‘In Blossom’ has a second couple well, Zhuo Lan Jiang (portrayed by Li Ge Yang) and Bai Xiaosheng (portrayed by Wu Jiayi). Initially, Zhuo Lan Jiang is in love with the female lead, so the second couple takes a while for their love to bloom.


Will Pan Yue finally reunite with his lost love? ‘In Blossom’ takes viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness the strength of love, the sting of betrayal, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. Prepare to laugh, cry, and be surprised as you uncover the truth alongside the characters.

If you enjoy watching a captivating romance, thrills, and suspense altogether, then I highly recommend you check out this drama. While the first few episodes set the stage, the story takes off around episode 11.

If you’re wondering where to watch this drama, it is streaming on Youku with English subtitles.

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