From Star-Studded Night to CP Conference ‘iQIYI Scream Night 2023’

On November 25th, the Annual iQiyi Scream Night 2023 Grand event was eventually held in Macau, China.

Popular artists, directors, writers, and actors like Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Qin Lan, Wei Daxun, Bai Jingting, Song Yi, Zhang Songwen, Cheng Yi, Wang Yibo, Chen Zheyuan, Tian Xiwei, Zhang Linghe, and more attended the event. The Scream Night has been successfully held eight times and has great influence in the industry.

This year’s Screaming Night can also be called the “CP Stew Night.” Various CPs from popular film and television works were in the same frame, making it a unique scenery on the red carpet.

Bai Jingting, Song Yi

Let’s talk about Bai Jingting and Song Yi, who stole the spotlight on the night. The two lead actors of “Destined,” Bai Jingting and Song Yi, walked the red carpet together, maintaining almost zero interaction throughout the entire process.

However, the genuine affection between the two couldn’t be concealed. The audience took the lead in creating a lively atmosphere, shouting, “Give a hug, hold each other,” teasing both actors and making them visibly shy.

Bai Jingting & Song Yi
Source: Weibo/Bai Jingting & Song Yi on the red carpet

When Bai Jingting took the stage to express his gratitude for the award, the camera immediately focused on Song Yi, and she responded with generous applause and a smile.

When it was Song Yi’s turn to receive an award on stage, the camera likewise focused on Bai Jingting. The audience at the venue cooperated seamlessly, creating a high level of excitement during these two speech segments.

Although, Bai Jingting, and Song Yi have been rumored to be dating and living together for quite a long time, both artists do not have responded to the matter yet.

Zheng Shunxi, Tian Xiwei

The leads of “Romance On The Farm,” Zeng Shunxi and Tian Xiwei, walked on the red carpet, presenting themselves in a very open and engaging manner, satisfying the curiosity of melon eaters. One is a knight, and the other is a princess—a combination of a handsome man and a beautiful woman is truly pleasing to the eye.

Zheng Shunxi and Tianxi Wei
Source: Weibo/ Zheng Shunxi and Tianxi Wei on the red carpet

If you haven’t watched their drama ‘Romance On The Farm’ yet, you should go and check it out. It is a drama about a modern girl, Lian Man Er (portrayed by Tian Xi Wei) who accidentally find herself in an ancient rural village and there shere meet the enigmatic and “tsundere” Shen Nuo (portrayed by Zeng Shunxi).

Zhang Linghe, Bai Lu

The two leading actors of “Story Of Kunning Palace,” Zhang Linghe and Bai Lu also a rumored couple who were once spotted living together back in 2022.

After the news circulated that the two were together, it was revealed that they had broken up too. This time, the two walked on the red carpet together on iQIYI scream night. Zhang Linghe also took the initiative to help Bai Lu’s dress, which was very gentlemanly.

Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe
Source: Weibo/ Bai Lu and Zhang Linghe on the red carpet

However, the two of them didn’t interact or pretend like the two were completely strangers to each other maintaining a good sense of proportion, and did not give everyone a chance to talk about CP.

Dylan Wang Hedi, Esther Yu

Wang Hedi and Yu Shuxin, known as an on-screen couple Dixin Cp, walked the red carpet alone.

Wang Hedi looked sharp in a white suit, giving off vibes from the character he played while the stunningly gorgeous Esther Yu resembled a Barbie doll. Despite other celebrity couples walking the red carpet together, “Dixin Cp” missed each other as Yu Shuxin and Wang Hedi walked the red carpet one after the other.

Netizens even photoshopped pictures of them together, still brimming with a strong sense of a couple.

Esther Yu and Wang Hedi
Source: Weibo/photoshopped by fans: Esther Yu and Wang Hed

Yang Mi, Wei Daxun & Qin Lan

Yang Mi, Wei Daxun, and Qin Lan were also there, but they didn’t share the stage. Their relationships are complicated—Qin Lan is dating Wei Daxun, while Yang Mi is Qin Lan’s friend and has a history with Wei Daxun. Oddly, they didn’t interact at all, leaving netizens feeling a bit let down.

Yang Mi, Wei Daxun, Qin Lan
Source: Weibo/ Qin Lan, Wei Daxun, Yang MiBai Jingting, Song Yi on the red carpet

Wei Daxun rocked a black suit that night, copying Meng Yanchen’s style but skipping the gold-rimmed glasses.

Qin Lan looked stunning in a sparkly dress, though her face seemed tense—maybe the camera pressure got to her.

Yang Mi closed the show in a beautiful white feathered gown, proving that she’s a big figure in the industry.

Usually, red carpets focus on female stars, but this Scream Night was different. It became a joy for fans of celebrity couples. Even during the show, they made sure to zoom in on the couples’ reactions. It was basically a celebration of all the interesting relationships in the entertainment world.

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