Esther Yu and Ding Yu Xi’s costume drama “Yong Ye Xing He” wraps up filming

On January 2, Tencent Video’s new costume drama, ‘The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus‘ aka ‘Yong Ye Xing He 永夜星河’, adapted from the popular web novel ‘The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus 黑莲花攻略手册’, has officially wrapped up filming.

The series stars Esther Yu Shuxin and Ding Yuxi in the main leads, marking their second collaboration as they previously worked together in the business rom-com ‘Moonlight‘ in 2021.

‘The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus’ aka ‘Yong Ye Xing He’ tells the story of a young girl, Ling Miaomiao (portrayed by Esther Yu Shuxin), who accidentally enters the world of a novel book character system and there she meets Mu Sheng (Ding Yuxi), a young man with a mysterious life experience.

To return to her real world, she needs to complete specific tasks given by the system. In the process of getting along and while fighting demons and monsters, Ling Miaomiao gradually starts to fall in love with Mu Sheng.

Judging from the plot introduction, we are going to watch another rom-com, fantasy element costume drama where a character enters into the system or the book world, similar to ‘Romance On The Farm (2023)’.

Once again, we will be seeing Esther in a fairy-like look with a sweet and playful temperament. Additionally, the scriptwriter behind this project is Bai Jin Jin, whose previous popular works include ‘Love Between Fairy and Devil‘ (2022) and ‘Destined‘ (2023).

Chinese Drama Yong Ye Xing He
Esther Yu as Ling Miaomiao

The character played by Ding Yuxi; Mu Sheng is a half-demon and half-human hybrid. On the surface, he appears kind and modest, with a gentlemanly appearance.

However, in reality, he is a cold-hearted man with a ruthless heart and inner insecurities. After meeting Ling Miaomiao (Esther Yu), an interesting series of events starts to take place in his life.

Both post-95-generation actors, Esther Yu Shixin from ‘Love Between Fairy and Devil’ (2022) and Ding Yuxi from ‘Romance Of Tiger And Rose’ (2022) have risen to fame.

In recent years, Esther Yu’s project choices, especially in costume dramas, have turned out to be successful. She had a hit earlier in 2023 with ‘My Journey To You’. On the other hand, Ding Yuxi’s projects have been average.

Supporting Cast Details of Yong Ye Xing He

  • Yang Si Zhe as Liu Fu Yin
  • Zhu Xudan as Mu Yao
  • Chen Duling as Jing Yao
  • Xu Hai Qiao as Zhao Qing Huan

Apart from the main leads, the supporting cast of this series includes Yang Si Zhe, who plays the monster hunter Liu Fu Yi in the series and is an upright and principled young man. This time, Esther Yu, Ding Yuxi, and Yang Shi Zhe reunited again to fight against monsters. Before this, Yang Shize played the second male lead in ‘Moonlight.’

Zhu Xudan will be playing Mu Yao, who was born into the monster hunter family and has a calm, strong, and distant personality. Also, She is the love interest of Fu Yi (Yang Si Zhe) in the show.

The drama features another familiar face – Chen Duling. It is quite interesting and amusing that whichever dramas you choose to watch, you’ll find her there, seamlessly transitioning between roles, be it as a ruthless, cold badass villain or a beautiful fairy sister.

Yes, there are hardly any popular costumes or modern dramas where you won’t see the actress Chen Duling these days. In ‘Yong He Xing He,’ Chen Duling will be portraying Mirror Demon Jing Yao.

In the shared stills, the 30-year-old actress looks dangerously beautiful, emitting a devilish aura in red and black combo-patterned costumes. Interestingly, before this, she appeared in ‘’Till The End Of The Moon (2023)’ with a similar appearance.

Adding to the ensemble is Xu Hai Qiao, who plays the villain Rong Hao in ‘Love Between Fairy And Devil.’ ‘Yong He Xing He’ is more like a reunion project for Esther Yu Shuxin with her previous drama co-star.

The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus (Yong Ye Xing He)’s Trailer

In the newly released trailer, the interface opens in a glitch making it look like some kind of game world.

Ling Miaomiao (Esther Yu) is accidentally transported into the novel’s character system, where she finds herself in an unfamiliar place wearing an ancient costume attire.

She questions whether she is dreaming, only to encounter another unfamiliar girl in the same room who belongs to an ancient time. She tries to escape but does not succeed.

Afterward, the unfamiliar girl introduces herself, Ling Miaomiao realizes that she has entered the novel’s character system. Despite attempting to escape, she fails and is assigned her first task—to marry Liu Fuyi (Yang Si Zhe).

What to Expect in Yong Ye Xing He (The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus)?

well, for those viewers, who have been chasing Chinese costume dramas for a long period, the concept and story of Yong Ye Xing He might not offer anything entirely new and may bear similarities to dramas one has previously watched.

Like, the drama will be exploring similar fantasy troupes such as demons, humans, entering game systems, novel worlds, etc.

Aside from that the drama is adapted from a popular web novel and has already a decent number of fans. Another bonus point for the drama is that the two leads have previously worked together in leading roles, and their chemistry was loved by the majority of audiences who watched the show.

However, it’s still a C-Drama. Despite its stellar cast and good adaptation, we have seen many dramas go downhill.

Additionally, there seems to be mixed reactions to Esther’s original baby voice and her cutesy acting in most of her dramas, except in “My Journey To You” (2023). So, the success of ‘Yong Ye Xing He’ will hinge on the production team’s ability to deliver the content effectively and capture the hearts of the audience.

When will Yong Ye Xing He (The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus be released)?

‘Yong Ye Xing He’ aka The Guide to Capturing a Black Lotus is expected to be broadcast in 2024 on Tencent Video.

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