“Blossoms Shanghai” Blooms Beyond Finale: Soaring in Popularity and Ratings

Directed and produced by the renowned filmmaker Wong Kar-wai, “Blossoms Shanghai 繁花”, is an adaptation of the Chinese novel ‘Blossoms’ by Jin Yu Cheng.

Blossoms Shanghai chinese drama 2024

The series features a star-studded cast including Hu Ge, Ma Yi Li, Tang Yan, and Xin Zhi Lei in the main roles. The 30-episode drama transports viewers back into the 1990s rustling and bustling city of Shanghai, an era filled with opportunities and hope.

The series, starting with an 8.1 opening Douban score, continues to soar, reaching an impressive 8.3 after its finale. According to Maoyan Data, the show garnered 1.9 Billion views, solidifying its position as one of the standout hit dramas in 2024.

After its premiere, the show created a massive buzz on Weibo and was highly praised by both viewers and critics for its unique and beautiful production. It beautifully showcases the beauty and charm of Shanghai and its people.

According to media outlets, the drama not only elevated the value of China’s cultural and historical aspects but also helped boost the financial sector.

Set against the massive economic backdrop of the ’90s, the story follows the transformation of the opportunistic youngster A Bao, portrayed by Hu Ge, who works his way out of poverty and becomes the wealthy Mr. Bao in the city of Shanghai in a short span of 10 years with the help of his uncle Ye (played by veteran actor You Benchang). But shortly after his success, A Bao found himself facing challenges as the harsh reality of competition in business and trade intensified. Throughout his journey, A Bao encounters three love interests, each representing their unique charm and significance.

‘Blossoms Sanghai’ Took Complete 3 Years In Making

Blossoms Sanghai became a hit for several reasons. Thanks to its iconic director, stellar cast, unique script, camera aesthetics, and all the behind-the-scenes hard work and effort that the whole production team and crew put into that resulted in a huge success of the show.

The series originally filming began in 2020, and it took exactly three years to complete the shoot.

As the story explores the city of Shanghai, the Shanghainese people, and their rich culture alongside the intricacies of business and trade concepts during the 90s, Director Wong personally handpicked the three main actors, Hu Ge, Ma Yili, and Tang Yan, because of their fluency in the Shanghainese language.

Hu Ge shared in an interview that when he first heard about the filming period, he almost turned down the role. At the time, he candidly expressed his response to the director, saying that he didn’t even have the time for parenting, so how could he invest so much time in one production?

Regarding Hu Ge’s response, Director Wong said that he was impressed by the actor’s honesty because spending three years on one project was no joke.

Even though the entire prolonged shooting process was mentally as well as physically exhausting, the 41-year-old actor mentioned that he was inspired by the 90-year-old veteran actor You Benchang’s commitment, dedication, and professionalism on the set. (… Hu Ge has shared the most screen time with You Benchang as his mentor/Grandpa in the series)

Blossoms Sanghai! Director Wong Kar Wai

Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai is known for his slow yet meticulous approach to filmmaking, with hit movies like ‘2046’ taking 5 years and ‘The Grand Master’ nearly a decade.

Unexpectedly, he brought his craftsmanship to the small screen, and according to the director, “Blossoms Shanghai” required six years of preparation and three years of filming.

Born in Shanghai in 1958, Wong Kar Wai moved to Hong Kong with his parents in 1963. Traveling between the two places for decades, Wong mentioned he’s got more than 20 brothers.

All his brothers and sisters lived in Shanghai. For him, “Blossoms Shanghai” is the story of his brother and sister, as he wanted to explore their experiences and growth, which leads to the adaptation of the story or novel.

According to each cast member, during the filming, director Wong was very patient and careful in polishing each character. They felt that he was the leading male character in the series instead.

Under his mentor, every individual on the set was enlightened even if they had to spend a long time. The 65-year-old visionary director Wong is best known for his perfectionism and unconventional approach to filmmaking, and ‘Blossoms Shanghai’ marks his first debut in a web series.

Blossoms Shanghai! Tiffany Tang

Tang Yan aka Tiffany Tang, who portrayed Miss Wang as a close confidante of Hu Ge’s character in the series received high praise and applause for her stellar performance from audiences and critics.

After appearing in the costume drama ‘The Legend Of Xiao Chuo’ in 2020, the actress completely disappeared from the entertainment scene for 3 years. No one knew what she was up to and many were questioning where the ’85 flowers’ career was heading.

Later it turned out that, Tiffany was working on a project where she was devoting her time and energy to one project for an extended period.

As a result, all the effort and time she invested proved to be fruitful and worthwhile, making her stand in the entertainment industry even stronger and her acting career reaching new heights.

Tiffany shared in an interview that she had asked Wong Kar Wai why he decided to cast her. The director simply responded: “Because it’s you.” Tiffany recalled, “He said I was Miss Wang, so I had to fully immerse myself into my character.”

Blossoms Shanghai! Xin Zhilei

Under the lens of director Wong Kar Wai, Xin Zhilei who stars as Li Li in the series exudes stunning beauty, and her retro and glamorous makeup adds to her allure.

In an interview, the 37-year-old actress humorously exclaimed, “I was shocked when I saw myself on the TV. It turns out that I am also so beautiful!” The character Li Li radiates confidence, calmness, and an elusive charm that leaves everyone in awe.

Xin Zhilei was born in Heilongjiang, and she is the only actor among the main cast of “Blossoms Shanghai” who is not from Shanghai.

Xin Zhilei once asked Wong Kar-wai during filming, if she needed to speak some Shanghainese, to which Wong Kar-wai told her, “Li Li is someone who sets rules; she is not trying to blend into Shanghai.”

Before starting filming, the actress had to learn dances such as Latin and tango arranged by the director, along with practicing walking in heels continuously for two years which caused blisters on her feet.

In the end, she was able to achieve the director’s desired charm for the character, saying, “By the third year, I felt like high heels were already a part of my feet, and my acting became more effortless.”

Where to Watch: You can watch this drama on Tencent Video.

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