Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng’s Drama ‘Moonlight Mystique’ Plot Highlights

Will love conquer all, or will destiny tear them apart? IQiyi’s upcoming love-hate relationship fantasy costume drama, ‘Moonlight Mystique 白月梵星,’ officially wrapped up filming.

Moonlight Mystique is built on similar xianxia troupes, where viewers will be once again taken into the realm of demons, Gods, and Goddesses. Well, what will truly set this drama apart from already existing dramas in similar genres is yet to be seen.

Audiences have already been mesmerized by Bai Lu’s fairy-like appearance in previous year’s hit drama, ‘Till The End Of The Moon,’ and are excited to see her in a goddess-like role again. As for Ao Rui Peng, from his supporting role in ‘The Blood Of Youth’ in 2023 to his lead role in ‘Wrong Carriage, Right Groom,’ he’s on his way to making his mark.

Apart from the main leads, Dai Luwa, one of the beloved supporting casts from the 2023 blockbuster series ‘Lost You Forever,’ and Chang Huasen from ‘A Journey To Love’ will be playing the supporting lead in the series, along with familiar actors such as Dai Si, Quan Yi Lun and more.

Here, we’ll be discussing about ‘Moonlight Mystique’ plot highlights. If you’re someone who is patiently waiting for this series to release, then keep reading for some interesting as well as exciting facts and info related to the drama.

Without further ado, let’s start.

    Plot Introduction – Moonlight Mystique

    • Episodes: 36
    • Genre: Costume, Romance, Fantasy
    • Director Zhu Ruibin
    • Starring: Bai Lu, Ao Rui Peng, Dai Luwa, Chang Huasen
    • Broadcast Time: N/A (Reservations are open)
    • Original Platform: iQIYI
    • Filming Date: November 5, 2023 – February 28, 2024 ( Hengdian Film and Television City )

    Plot Summary: ‘Moonlight Mystique’ is adapted from Xing Ling’s novel ‘Bai Shuo Shang Shen 白烁上神,’ which stars Bai Lu as the goddess of stars and the moon, Bai Shuo, who is reincarnated as the youngest daughter of a general, and Ao Rupeng as Demon Fan Yue, who was unexpectedly saved by the goddess Bai Shuo. While Bai Shuo is set to cultivate Immortality to repay the debt of gratitude, Fan Yue also joins hands with her to gain power and find his real identity and lost memory. During the process, they fall in love with each other, facing several ups and downs along their journey.

    Spin-Off to ‘Ancient Love Poetry’

    Ancient Love Poetry is a 2021 costume fantasy drama starring Xu Kai and Zhou Dong Yu, where the story centers around immortals Bai Jue and Shang Gu. A follow-up story set in the same universe (sequel), ‘The Last Immortal,’ was released in 2023 continuing the story of Bai Jue and Shang Gu’s son, Yuan Qi (played by Wang Anyu), and Phoenix Feng Ran’s daughter, Feng Yin ( played by Zhao Lusi).

    Likewise, ‘Moonlight Mystique’ is a spin-off of Ancient Love Poetry. It will be portraying the story of Tian Qi (Ao Ruipeng) and Yue Mi (Bai Lu). In Ancient Love Poetry, Tian Qi was played by Liu Xueyi, and Yue Mi was played by Luo Qiu Yun.

    Since all three original works are from the same author, ‘Xing Ling,’ viewers will find vast similarities between these works, including costumes, settings, designs, characters, colors, etc. As ‘Moonlight Mystique’ is the continuation story of other characters from ‘Ancient Love Poetry’, it will be set in the same realm and time era.

    For those who loved Tian Qi and his part in Ancient Love Poetry, it’s good news that they will be able to meet him again with a full life story related to him.

    From Tragic Love Reincarnation To Sweet Encounter

    The good news is that the scriptwriter of this drama, Xing Ling, is also the original author of the work. While it is uncertain how much of the original work will be adapted into the series, fans can still be reassured by this. According to novel readers, the novel remains incomplete, and have no idea what kind of ending will be delivered in the drama.

    In Ancient Love Poetry, Tian Qi and Yue Mi’s love story is tragic. Tian Qi realized his feelings for Yue Mi only after she passed away.

    It’s hard to say exactly from where the story of ‘Moonlight Mystique’ will begin, as the production team might or might not follow the route of ‘Ancient Love Poetry’. Based on the trailers and Reuters released so far, viewers believe the story might start directly after the reincarnation part or might not show the story that happened in Ancient Love Poetry.

    There are many examples where production teams don’t adhere to the original storyline when adapting a follow-up series. Like, one perfect example is Dong Hua Dijun (Gao Weiguang) and Feng Jiu (Dilireba Dilmurat)’s story in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom and their spin-off story in ‘Eternal Love Of Dream’.

    to say it precisely, their previous story will have nothing to do with the drama but will continue with the new storyline.

    Even though the storyline might be different many characters, realms, setups, etc. will remain the same or similar. What do you think about this?

    Character Introduction:

    • Bai Lu as Bai Shuo or also Yue Mi
    • Auo Rui Peng as Fan Yue / Tian Qi
    • Dai Luwa as Fu Ling
    • Chang Huasen as Chong Zhao / Yin Zun Mo Li

    1. Bai Shuo (played by Bai Lu)

    Bai Shuo is the goddess of the star and moon. By nature, she’s lively and cheerful. She is reincarnated as the youngest daughter of the General’s family. She’s on her way to seek immortality and repay the favor. One day, she accidentally rescued an injured little fox and adopted it as a pet. Unexpectedly, the little fox turned out to be Demon Lord Fan Yue.

    Moonlight Mystique Chinese Drama
    Bai as Bai Shuo/ Bai Lu Weidbo Update

    2. Fan Yue (played by Ao Rui Peng)

    Fan Yue is one of the four Ancient Gods who is reincarnated and becomes the Supreme King of The Demon World. However, Due to conspiracy, he is trapped inside the human world and can only transform into a fox. To find out his real identity and lost memory, he decides to form a pact with Bai Shuo to cultivate immortality.

    Moonlight Mystique Chinese Drama
    Ao Rui Peng as Fan Yue

    3. Fu Ling (played by Dai Luwa)

    Fu Ling is a demon girl who is saved by Fan Yue on his way to seek immortality. She particularly dislikes immortals and bears a deep hatred for them for killing her parents.

    4. Chong Zhao (played by Chang Huasen)

    Chong Zhao is a young and full-spirited son of a Prime Minister. He and Bai Shuo are childhood sweethearts and the two have been engaged since childhood. After knowing that Bai Shuo wants to become immortal, Chong Zhao helps Bai Shuo escape marriage.

    Directed by ‘Ashes of Love’ Director Zhu Rui Bin

    Zhu Ruibin aka Chui Yui Bin is not an unknown name in the Chinese film-making industry. Those who have been watching C-Dramas for a long time, especially Costume dramas are quite familiar with this director and his works.

    Yui Bin’s efforts he ever put into his dramas have always resulted in groundbreaking visuals that bring the fantastical world of Xianxia to life in a way never seen before. He is best known for being a pioneer in the fantasy romance genre (Xianxia), having spent more than 20 years meticulously crafting TV series that have captivated audiences worldwide.

    In 2018, Yui Bin directed the fantasy costume drama ‘Ashes of Love’. The drama became so popular at the time that the lead actress, Yang Zi was catapulted to fame after playing fairy Jin Mi in the series.

    Fortunately, the Ashes of Love director is also the director of Moonlight Mystique. Both are fairy tale dramas.

    Apart from Ahes of Love, his previous popular works include ‘The Starry Love (2023),’ ‘The Long Ballad (2021),’ ‘ ‘The Blue Whisper (2022),’ ‘Skate Into Love (2020),’ ‘ Story of Kunning Palace (2023),’ and more.

    Also, this is not the first time, that the director Yui Bin, and the main heroine Bai Lu collaborated. They previously worked in 2023’s costume drama ‘Story Of Kunning Palace’ which was also a successful drama of the year.

    This track record suggests that he’ll likely continue to attract something exciting and new in his upcoming projects. It will be exciting to see what he has in store for us in ‘Moonlight Mystique’!

    Moonlight Mystique’s Costume Design & leads Chemistry:

    Pictures speak louder than words, isn’t it? I mean look at the pictures below and their costume design including their chemistry. Bai Lu and Ao Ruipeng look great together. There’s no doubt they’re destined to become a hit CP if the storyline supports them well.

    As a longtime fan of Xianxia dramas, I can confidently say that the costume design in ‘Moonlight Mystique’ is truly breathtaking. Bai Lu in a light and airy flowing palate color costume looks effortlessly beautiful. While Ao Rui Peng rocks a powerful and imposing look as a Demon in black attire.

    From all the stills, previews, and Reuters released so far, the costume design in Moonlight Mystique is attractive. The dress is adorned with intricate details that evoke a sense of magic and fantasy which is the characteristic of Xianxia dramas.

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